A collection of short stories and journalistic commentaries depicting my simple life
and how I fit in with the modern day universe of our times

            Once upon a time, there was Walter. A generally quiet and unassuming little sparrow, Walter really had no real part in the greater scheme of things, suffice it to say, he was just a little bird doing the things that most other little birds do, without a need for inflicting global change.

            Unlike all the other birds around us though, Walter deemed himself to be somewhat different. He didn’t know how, he didn’t know where and he sure as hell didn’t know what it was that was forcing his destiny. It wasn’t until the closing of the summer, that things started to make more sense for our Walter. He had spent some time with the robins you see and was now seriously debating his plans for the future.

            Towards the end of the summer, most other birds start readying themselves for the autumn, with the building up of food reserves in preparation for the big exodus south before the winter hits hard. And that’s where Walter was different. Walter was now, a ‘non-conforming’ sparrow. He was adamant that he was not going to fly south for the winter, preferring instead to stay home with his robin friends.

            At first, everything was fine and day to day life just ticked on without drama. Food was in abundance and things felt no different. The robins enjoyed the novelty of having Walter around when normally they would be left to their own devices. Digging out worms together, they were in what they considered to be paradise.

            But then the weather changed. Frosty northerly winds blew in from the coast and the temperatures dropped quite rapidly. Soon the weather had dropped so cold that Walter was forced to swallow his pride and admit defeat. Reluctantly, he bade his farewells to the robins and started off on his long journey south.

            Pushing himself harder and harder, the tiny sparrow was making very little progress. The chill wind was taking its toll on the small bird’s delicate body. Ice was slowly forming around him, enveloping his wings and preventing his flight. Not much longer now and he would soon drop from the sky, and plummet to his demise.

            He fell into a farm yard. Totally exhausted, our hero was stunned and unable to move. This was it, he thought to himself as he saw a large mobile object moving cautiously towards him. With both fear and exhaustion our paralysed friend could do nothing more but wait. He closed his eyes and he prayed.

            A large cow wandered right up to him, I don’t know what breed it was but it said it was freesian (freezing), which rather fits in with our story quite well. Anyway, there the cow was, looking down at the dishevelled young sparrow, he nodded indignantly and carried on. Passing by, the cow crapped right over the little sparrow, such was his contempt.

            Amazed at what had just happened but still unable to do anything about it, Walter just lay there in silence. The frozen bird knew that this must surely now, be the end.

            But, unbeknown to Walter, the cow had actually done him a huge favour, and the warmth of the manure was slowly beginning to thaw out the frozen extremities of the tiny sparrow’s body. The longer he stayed there, the warmer he got and the warmer he got, the happier he became.

            Overjoyed at the cow’s generosity in saving his life, Walter began to sing. He sang to his heart’s content, his little lungs furiously pumping the music across the neighbouring fields. Walter was saved and that was cause for celebration in anyone’s book. Warm and happy and fully able to breathe again, Walter crawled around the pat and paraded his voice across the farm yard, still chirping as loudly as he could. But unaware of his surroundings, Walter was in a lot more trouble now, than he’d ever been.

            Just then, a large cat came by and investigating the racket, he soon found Walter. Quickly his feline body coiled up like a spring as he readied to pounce and fractions of a second later, Walter was trapped within the cat’s claws. Toying with his prey, the cat pulled the bird free from the pile of poo, but gave Walter very little, if no chance of escape. And within a few more hectic and terrifying minutes, the little sparrow we knew as Walter was sadly digested, he was no more.

            A nice little story there with a not too happy ending. But there were three important lessons to be learned.

1.Everyone who shits on you is not necessarily your enemy.
2.Everyone who gets you out of the shit is not necessarily your friend.
3.If you are warm and happy in a pile of shit, keep your mouth shut!

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