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            It has quite often come to my attention that "Why?” is the only question that bothers people enough to have had an entire letter of the alphabet named after it.

            The alphabet does not go "A B C D What? When? Where? Who? How?" but it does go "V W X Why? Z."

            "Why?" for the majority of us, is always the most difficult of all questions to answer. You know where you are when someone asks you "What time is it?" or "When was the battle of 1066?" or "How do these seatbelts work that go tight when you slam the brakes on, Daddy?" The answers are easy peasy, lemon squeezy, and are, respectively, "Seven thirty five in the evening," "Just after breakfast," and "Don't ask stupid questions."

            But when you hear the word "Why?", you know you've got one of the biggest ever unanswerables to deal with on your hands, such as "Why are we born?" or "Why do we die?" and "Why do we spend so much intervening time receiving junk mail?"
            At some time or other, we have all been in that crazy situation with a youngster that goes something like this:

            "Don't do that Johnny."
            "Because, you might get hurt."
            "Because I said so."
            "Why?" And so on, and on, ad ifinitum.
            Or then there's the other great classic example of:

            "Will you go to bed with me?"

            There's only ever been one good answer to that question, and that is "Why not?" And perhaps we should have that put in the alphabet instead. There's plenty of room for it. "Why?" doesn't have to be the last word, it isn't even the last letter. How would it be if the alphabet ended not with "V W X Why? Z", but with "V W X Why not?" instead?

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  1. stephie said...
    hehe ! i love that ! i agree with the why not ? being added to the alphabet as well! its so easy and fun to read yr stuff !
    John Baker said...
    ...why not??

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