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Did you ever stop to consider what the two most impossible things in the world to ever achieve are?

Well first off, it must be getting to have a proper deep and meaningful conversation with a man (any man) just after sex (Hee hee, that should get the women talking).

And the second is to actually find somebody that enjoys trawling through other people’s bloody holiday photographs. Especially when said photographs run into the thousands.

So it was with this in mind (the second one not the first, unless you want to have sex with me and see how we fare that is, in which case see me later), that I recently fashioned a small opinion poll to ascertain as to whether or not this very blog was or wasn’t (delete as appropriate) actually boring you all to death.

12 people out of the million (I wish) that regularly read the blog, actually took the time to answer, which is fine as the other 999,988 must have fallen asleep already. 

So it is boring then is it? Let's take a look...

Well, of the 12 that did reply, the breakdown was as follows:

Andy is most definitely a whingeing pom – 1 vote.

I swear I will hunt you down whoever you are and I will find you.

And when I do find you, I will sit you down and whinge at you to my heart’s content with you listening in captivity. I mean, look at these shoes, I’ve only had them three months and already the soles are wearing thin... etc etc etc.

Andy is not so much a whingeing pom – 2 votes.

You guys can come again. Feel free to come inside, read and love everything I say and do. You may all have my babies.

Who is Andy? – 1 vote.

Yes, thanks for that Mum. The guys from the retirement home will be round presently. Please have my inheritance at the ready.

I just love the blog man – 8 votes.

YAY… it seems the blog is sufficiently entertaining and funny to be classed a runaway success and not in any way boring at all (herm herm).

Oh dear, now I have to go find something else to write about. Please send donations ASAP so I can stay longer and hopefully write something of true meaning and value.

But seriously, thanks guys for your appreciation. And... after fully realising how taxing this whole affair must have been for you all (12 replies out of how many?), I promise I will not be testing you again anytime soon.

Thanks again to all for taking part. And please, don’t be looking at any of this as a huge waste of time, instead, I suggest you look at it all this way…

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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    Cath said...
    Hahahahah Not boring...love the blogman was my vote! and you thought i was the whingeing pom voter... :( how did the appellation "pom" or "pommie" come about I wonder???

    But I digress...I love your blogs and you of course you bad Andy you! And Jodes...go for it girl!
    Andy Robinson said...
    The term pommy, pom or pomme, in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, commonly denotes a person of British (usually of English heritage) origin. A derogatory term, it was controversially ruled no longer offensive in 2006 by the Australian Advertising Standards Board and in 2010 by the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority. Despite these changing views, many British people or those of British origin consider the expression offensive or racist when used by people not of British origin to describe English or British people, yet acceptable when used within that community: for example, the community group British People Against Racial Discrimination was among those who complained to the Advertising Standards Board about five advertisements poking fun at "Poms", prompting the 2006 decision.
    The origin of this term is not confirmed and there are several persistent false etymologies. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) strongly supports the theory that pommy originated as a contraction of "pomegranate". The OED also suggests that the reason for this is that pomegranate is extinct Australian rhyming slang for immigrant; it cites an article from 14 November 1912, in a once-prominent Australian weekly magazine The Bulletin: "The other day a Pummy Grant (assisted immigrant) was handed a bridle and told to catch a horse." A popular alternative explanation for the theory that pommy is a contraction of "pomegranate", relates to the purported frequency of sunburn among British people in Australia, turning their fair skin the colour of pomegranates. However, there is no hard evidence for the theory regarding sunburn. Another unofficial explanation is that P.O.M. stands for 'Prisoner of Millbank ' or that P.O.H.M.E. stands for 'Prisoner of Her Majesty's Exile'. However, the OED states that there is no evidence for these terms or abbreviations being used and that they are an unlikely source. Historian Richard Holt maintains the origin of the term comes from English cricket tours of Australia where the English gentlemen amateurs would drink Pommery Champagne in preference to Australian beer.

    Or maybe it is because it just was. Let's not fight over such things I say, Hari Krishna, bells, beads, peace and harmony.
    dragonfly emerging said...
    love peace and mung beans babe... and stop pimping yourself out to get better ratings on your blog!!!
    Andy Robinson said...
    Anyone wanna see my bits?
    Well go to the archive lists on the right then

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