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Amazon has just announced that sales were up by 41 per cent and profits increased by 45 per cent over the same period last year. The internet giant that started life just selling books online has reported that the bulk of its sales are now coming from consumer goods.

Amazon is always innovative and is presently testing a very interesting marketing idea that would link the number one internet retailer with the number one social media site, Facebook. Visitors can now log into their Facebook profiles through Amazon and receive very detailed, personal buying recommendations. And not just suggestions as to what the visitor is likely to want, but the screen will show reminders about all their Facebook friend’s birthdays etc...

Before making buying recommendations, Amazon will also consult all the personal information your friends have publically posted on Facebook. It will also check on whatever items that person has previously purchased from Amazon and thus make a suggestion based on that friend’s lifestyle.

Long ago, people used to flick through mail order catalogues. Now they flip through thousands of items on Amazon and add items to a wish list which is stored at Amazon HQ.

Couples getting married often post a wish list with John Lewis (UK) so people can buy appropriate presents, but now many are posting their lists on Amazon.

Facebook has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years and almost all computer users now have a Facebook account. The link up will soon give Amazon a huge amount of marketing data. I alone have just short of 700 Fb friends, so it is easy to see how Amazon’s data collection will mushroom.

I think this scheme is going to be a huge success for Amazon. Facebook already reminds me of upcoming birthdays, but now Amazon will check the person’s profile for me too and no doubt suggest I buy them a Sony 3D HDTV. This integration of the selling world will be very interesting and cannot be ignored.



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