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Throughout the majority of my first week over here, most of our time was spent simply taking care of business. For example there was work still to be done to pay the bills, a lot of running around to meet the needs of the various emergency services groups Jodie supports and family matters to be taken care of. We did however manage to slot in a few extracurricular activities along the way.

On the Wednesday for instance I was invited along to the SES (State Emergency Services) awards ceremony at Logan East SES on Daisy Hill where after being in the country for less than 36 hours I was greeted by the mayor of Logan Pam Parker, who immediately decided it might be a good idea to introduce me to the whole turn out as the man from the UK specially drafted in to take photos for the evening. WTF? Did she not know my camera skills were second only to those of an untrained chimpanzee?

Apparently it turns out that I being a mere tourist was the first person to be spotted with a camera and it is here that endeth the only vague similarity between me and the more professional camera jockeys of the BBC. Anyway, I did what I could for them and while my efforts are quite possibly far from perfect, I am still more than happy to do my bit to help promote the unsung heroes of Australia and all they do for the local population. And in doing so, I am also happy to include a few of the dreadful shots I managed to take for them here.

Check out the full SES awards album here
We seemed to do a lot of stuff for the cadets that week. There was a lot of running around to do for these guys as it was soon to be their end of year thingy wotsit doo dah. Friday night was the penultimate meeting for the cadets this year where it was interesting to go along and see what the guys actually got up to and learn what it was that took up so much of Jodie’s time.

We did however manage to find some “quality” time too. And I say that in a tongue in cheek kind of way because it entailed watching three “Twilight” movies in preparation for the recent screening of the latest instalment. Yes you heard me right… Twilight - the one with the sparkly vampires. Somebody shoot me please! I mean if the global economic meltdown wasn’t enough to worry about I now had sparkly vampires to keep me awake at nights too.

Anyway it was Saturday night when we trekked up to Yatala for the local speciality Yatala pies. I had four of them. Greedy bastard I hear you say. And yes I know, but having already learned what I’m like over making choices over something as simple as coffee, did you really expect me to be any more decisive with something as tasty as Yatala pies?

So, armed with said pies (it was a drive through) we headed off down the road to my very first experience of a drive in movie theatre (yes to watch Twilight four – Oh god). Never mind though, if the movie was lacking the whole experience was quite entertaining in itself. There were cars galore and people sitting on top of them, in them, in front of them with barbecues burning, hell some people even backed their yutes (utility pickup type vehicles) with mattresses in the back to recline in for the evening/movie.

The pictures projected onto the screen and sound radioed in through the car stereo (high tech or what?), the experience was enjoyable and we also had the added bonus of a set of semi comfortable seats. Much better than at a common cinema. I was also interested to see what kind of atmosphere the drive in could offer as with most movies in a cinema, it is often the crowd interactions that can often help make or break the film being shown and I must say that sitting there with the windows wound down gave pretty much the same sense of belonging.

And having come out here fully expecting to blog the whole trip, we spent whatever spare time we could doing a little sight-seeing too. I wanted to get some pics together for this and found some good opportunities to do so at Brisbane’s South Bank where you could find covered walkways, a Nepalese pagoda, a big Ferris wheel eye in the sky affair that most major cities seem to have these days, pools and garden walks along the way.

Check out the full South Bank album here 

There was also Mount Coot-thawhich overlooks the majority of Brisbane. Here were some stunning panoramic views of the whole of Brisbane. We arrived there early evening hoping to catch a sunset over the area which we did but unfortunately the battery of my camera managed to die before the sunset had fully given in to some truly magnificent night light scenes. We hope to go back sometime and more properly capture the full glory of the place.

Check out the Mount Coot-tha album here

Another recent jaunt included a trip up Mount Tamborine. Unfortunately the lighting and partial cloud cover restricted any photo opportunities. Having said that though, I have to state I love the whole place and how anyone could ever visit and not like it would be beyond me. It really is quite awesome.

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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    sounds like love at first site
    Excalitez said...
    Twilight......ahahahahhha. You poor thing. :(
    Staci Finch Thompson said...
    Sounds like an excellent time to me! I miss drive-ins - I'm glad you all still have them. No better way to enjoy a movie (any movie, even one with vampires!).

    Hope the rest of your trip is as fun!
    dragonfly emerging said...
    This first week was a baptism of fire. I dont think Andy fully comprehended what I do when I dont have Madi. A normal day for me starts at 5am.

    Tuesday – the day he arrived in Australia, after a few hours of quality time at home to get him settled in, I had to return to work for a few hours. Then it was on to a cadet meeting where I was interviewing 5 new adult leaders. The LCAC (local cadet advisory committee) meeting is made up of representatives from Fire, Ambulance, SES, EMQ, and me. So Andy got to greet all the interviewees on their way through the door at the Ambulance station where we were, across the road from the fire station where our fellow google plus firemen used to work. 11pm we got home that night.

    Wednesday – I had the day off to spend with Andy, the housemate made himself scarce, and we had the house to ourselves. This is when I forced him to watch some Twilight movies so he could get himself across the story before we went to the drive-in on Saturday night. Oh and I fell asleep while he watched the movies :). That night we were off to the SES awards night for Logan, where 4 of my cadets were getting medal for their participation in the storm and flood activations that saw the world focussed on our state and the devastation of that past summer. Andy became the Mayor's new best friend with taking the pics for her that night. We got home at 9.30pm then went for a walk down at Paradise Point. Home at midnight that night.

    Thursday – back to work and normality for me, getting the final touches on the training I had for the cadets the next night. Yep, I get to teach them all about the dangers of Cyber bullying and Sexting. Oh and this was after we got back from Mt Coot-tha and watching the sunset.

    Friday – Andy met the cadets for the first time. He saw me training them and saw how these little angels are full of life and character. I think just quietly, i like the naughty ones the best, they will get the most out of the cadet program and this will impact their lives the most. Home just before 11pm.

    So you get the general idea of how busy he was just in the first week.

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