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A romantic bedroom allows you to feel relaxed and soothed, which will help make this your sanctuary. A place you can truly call home... To create a romantic bedroom of your own, follow these 20 basic tips.

1. Get rid of your clutter: It always seems distracting and confusing if there is too much going on.

2. Paint your room using faux finishes; these are common for bedrooms as they add depth.

3. Add mirrors, they also add depth. You could use as many as you like, they can be any size. Just don't overdo it; you don't want to be overwhelmed by them.

4. When deciding on what theme to select, keep the look comfortable and inviting, knowing when not to go any further. Only gradually should you add details and features.

5. Use crown mouldings to create a frame in a vertical manner to either frame the mirrors, your favorite drawing, painting or picture.

6. Buy high quality sheets, the higher the thread count, the better the quality. You want to be able to feel the softness and smoothness when it comes to laying down next to the one you love. Create that perfect romantic and intimate setting.

7. Get the perfect bed; make sure it is not too BIG for the room. The bed is the focus of any bedroom and the most romantic of bedrooms, so make it as cosy as possible. Some styles that you might want to consider: Platform, Canopy, Victorian or Sleigh bed, are the most popular.

8. Curtains or valances with fringes, beads or lace can be used as they will add detail and elegance to your windows. Making sure they compliment your bedding, purchase your fabrics long enough to hang them close to the ceiling.

9. Chandeliers can add a touch of royalty and, or ceiling fans adding practicality and creativity.

10. Accessorise. Add small details of furniture and novelties. Bring attention to the detail at the same time keeping it simple. ie.. A nightstand, a lamp and romantic picture frame.

11. Use pillows on the bed of all sizes and different colours, keeping in mind the colour scheme.

12. Area rugs, select ones that are the same length of your bed and lay them on either side of the bed for symmetry. Or try deliberately offsetting it from the bed, it creates interest.

Are you starting to get the feeling of a romantic bedroom? Relaxing and fulfilling, creating that romantic bedroom of your dreams. You must be in heaven.

13. Personalize your bedroom, make your presence known. Personalize your towels, bathrobes, or pillow cases etc.

14. Using picture frames, or romantic wall art, decorate your walls with elegance, adorn them with beautiful decor.

15. Incorporate sweet smells or scented candles. They are known to saturate the air and cause tranquility and invoke relaxation through our senses. Place calming or sensual secrets of scent throughout the bedroom. Scented candles will also create ambient mood lighting for your favorite romantic hideaway. Choose a scent that you and our partner both like.

16. Add colours. Select colours that add a sense of harmony and serenity. Use colours that appeal to you most when making up a romantic bedroom. It is essential to enhancing the romance in your life ... and why not? It should be your number one domain.

17. Lighting should be soft and filtered; bright lights can detract from the ambience. Try 40 watt bulbs to add a sense of comfort and serenity. And for those special evenings, nothing adds romance like the warm glow of candles. (Make sure that lit candles are never left unattended).

Now we have the fabric of the room pieced together, here are a few more tricks to heighten the sensuality of your bedroom for those extra special occasions.

18. Spraying your bed sheets lightly with your favorite designer fragrance can make them seem more alluring and inviting.

19. Keep your favorite love CDs at your fingertips; soft romantic music is one of the easiest ways to elevate your mood. Keep distractions such as a television in another room. Never in the bedroom!

20. For a late night indulgence, place strawberries and whipped cream on a small tray next to the bed, they are ideal for the start of a romantic evening at home.

Now, where's the lubricant?

That's for putting on the door handle to stop the kids disturbing you ... Sweet dreams.

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