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The internet has truly got to be the eighth wonder of the world. In terms of scale it is absolutely immense. It carries a huge wealth of information, some of it good, some of it not so good and most of it completely meaningless.

            It gives us a freedom of speech in an unprecedented manner. Almost anybody can now paste a site these days and the content they forward to us can be on absolutely anything under the sun. Almost anyone can now be an expert in their chosen field. No matter how dubious that field may be.

But despite its many advantages for us, through its 50 odd billion freely available and oh so nicely interlinked web sites, as far as I can see, it has only one major drawback.

The Internet, the World Wide Web, the abbreviation?

            This has to be one of the few instances in life, where the abbreviation, WWW, is actually longer than and indeed harder to say, than the actual words them self. Try it; I think you’ll see what I mean.

            It seems that even the top nerds and the geeks of the computing world have also recently come to this conclusion too. And, in effort to redress this situation, they now give us the W3C (world-wide-web consortium) where W3 now becomes the new abbreviation for the abbreviation. Not bad I suppose, but not much better either.

            I guess there will be no easy solution to this modern time quandary. To date, the only viable contender appears to be that term first coined by comedian Peter Kaye, where the world-wide-web is more affectionately known as:




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