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I asked of myself a rather interesting question the other day...

What if I were to spend an entertaining half hour, finding out about myself and my company on the internet?

Here are some of the fascinating 'facts' I might have uncovered on various websites and bulletin boards...

1. PadPimpers is run by the Robinson Brothers. Very interesting, except I don't have a brother. My business partner probably does... but it still isn't me!

2. PadPimpers is a father and son business. Interesting again... but given that me and my business partner are only a year apart in age, something of a biological impossibility. And besides that, my father passed away in 1996 and my own offspring are all girls.

3. PadPimpers is a 'Mom and Pop' business. Now that really is worrying! They are dead.

4. The business operates out of a back bedroom somewhere. I see, so maybe the other 18 staff will work out of the bathroom then?

5. The testimonials on PadPimpers promotions are all made up. Maybe someone should call the Department of Trade and Industry?

6. The positive comments placed on the PadPimpers message board and other internet forums are placed there by Andy Robinson who assumes multiple online identities. As if I didn't have enough to do already!

7. Joe Bloggs, the supposed editor of the content for the PadPimpers property newsletters, is not a real person, and is really Andy Robinson. That's even more work for me then.

8. Andy Robinson doesn't appear on the electoral roll, and therefore must be up to no good. Well I do, and I'm not... up to no good I mean.

I could go on, but hopefully you get the general idea. Not everything I would find will be wrong, insulting, or libellous... and I suppose I should be flattered that people would be sufficiently interested to write anything at all...

But (and you’d better sit down for this)....

A very high percentage of what you do find on the internet is just nonsense.

So who put it there? Why do they put it there? Do they know
what they're talking about, or are they just idiots sounding off?

Having said that, more and more people are increasingly turning to the internet for the information they use to make important life decisions. One of the other comments I might have seen on my trawl of the net, might have concerned my imaginary yet highly successful ‘Property Entrepreneurs Home Study Course’.

Someone might be asking on a bulletin board whether it was 'any good'. And a reply would no doubt come back saying that although this person hadn't personally read it, it wouldn't be worth buying because all the information in it is probably available on the internet for free.

So with that in mind, I just did a test and typed the words 'Property Investment' into Google - and do you know how many pages it came up with?... over 19 million! So the information you can get for free will be right there, somewhere in that 19 million pages...

But you're not going to live long enough to read all those pages!

And even if you did, how are you going to sort the good stuff from the rubbish... the stuff posted up by the property market’s equivalent of the guy who thinks I might work out of a back bedroom somewhere?

You can't, and that's why the internet has paradoxically created an explosion in demand for 'paid for' information products.

You see, the internet has encouraged many many millions of people to seek out information on subjects that interest them... people who previously wouldn't have bothered. And while they wouldn't have visited a library or book shop, the seemingly quick and easy availability of information online has stirred them into action...

Action which more often than not results in
frustration and disappointment.

So now you have a large number of people who have had their interest piqued but not satisfied. The internet has expanded the market, and alerted hordes of new people to the possibility that the information they want and need is out there albeit somewhere...

They just need somebody to sift, edit and summarise it for
them into a form they can readily access, understand and use.

This is the complete opposite of what the experts predicted at the dawn of the internet. It was supposed to be the death of the 'hard copy' written word. And yet there are more books, newsletters, magazines and newspapers published today than ever before.

You see, the demand for information has never been higher. The amount of raw information out there has never been greater. But the capacity of the average person to turn that raw information into something usable has never been lower.

And that's why it's a Golden Age for Information Publishers...

The people who can take the all important raw information on a subject, and boil it down to the essentials... what people really need to know to do something better, faster, cheaper... or whatever.

If any of this interests and excites you (and if you have any interest at all in making a great deal of money in your spare time, it should) then it could be worth you re-reading my ‘Lets make some money’ blog, which was written earlier this month.

It's nearly Christmas and we could all probably do with a few extra pennies, and that’s why I’m repeating it!

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

Unfortunately, PadPimpers is only a home based operation and consists solely of Andy Robinson working from the back of his van and running affairs from his home office. Contrary to internet opinion, the bedrooms are used for sleeping in and the aforementioned staff operating from within the bathroom, are just his personal valets.

And the only web presence PadPimpers has, is that here within this blog site, unless some kind programming wiz-kid would like to donate their services in return for free coffee and sandwiches of course.

And should you ever read on the internet, that Andy Robinson bites the heads off live chickens, I hope you’ll bear this blog entry in mind before passing judgement.

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