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Have you ever wondered why
Australians call us Brits “whinging poms?”

Well to give you a clue, think about the people that you know who have already upped-sticks and moved to Australia…

Were any of them happy, successful, and highly ambitious people looking for a new challenge? Or were they underachieving, dissatisfied people looking to escape to something better?

For reasons I don’t fully understand, it seems like the people who move to the other side of the world are usually those who haven’t really made a go of it here. People move to the United States for positive reasons. But they seem to move to Australia, mainly for negative ones.

So what you end up with in Oz, once the novelty has worn off, is a bunch of underachieving, dissatisfied people - in shorts!

Or whinging poms, in other words.

And the only way the move could have possibly had the desired effect for people like that, is if they were somehow able to go without themselves!


Let me give you another example of what I’m talking about here...

Do you know of anyone who regularly changes their jobs? I know quite a few, and the pattern is always the same:

1. It normally begins with, “I just got offered a new job. It’s fantastic… great pay, great people. I love it. So much better than that crappy old sweat shop of a hell-hole I just left.”

2. Then, “Hmm… there are some things about this job that they kept from me.”

3. And, “My work colleagues and/or boss are unreasonable and unpleasant.”

4. Or, “They’re taking advantage and exploiting me. I’m not being paid what I’m worth.”

5. Until finally, “I need to look for a new better job.”

And then we go back to number one and start all over again.

And it’s the same too with businesses.

People often start out with great enthusiasm, only to stall when the reality finally hits home… this isn’t as easy as it looks. And so they start up with something else, only to find that that business also has difficulties associated with it. And the whole sorry cycle is repeated over and over.

The point I’m trying to make here, is that if you find yourself to be a serial-switcher of either location, partners, jobs or businesses (and it’s not for positive reasons) then the problem is almost certainly not to be found in the locations, partners, jobs or businesses.

And I’d go even further…

If you find yourself constantly ‘switching’ in any aspect of your life, but without any tangible improvement in satisfaction or success, then it can be firmly stated that the problem isn’t an external one.

The common denominator is a little closer to home, and can be viewed daily in the mirror.

The problem could be you!!

I think most of us spend at least part of our lives seeking out external solutions for internal problems. To recognise and accept that blame and responsibility lays right at our own doorstep is far from easy for us, (self delusion is much more comfortable and a far more natural reaction) but it’s essential if we’re to find any solution that works.

So by all means, you may embark on your own version of an Antipodean adventure, but at least be honest and realistic with yourself before you set off…

Because it’s going to be a long way for you to travel, just to find yourself ending up exactly back where you started from. Albeit perhaps with slightly browner legs.

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