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Downsizing was the name of the game when I stumbled across this place and saw an opportunity to get this blog running again and earning a crust, so without further ado, let’s have a quick look around the place.....

They were the photos from the advertisement for the place just so you know what we are looking at. However, when going to view it, things were somewhat different. The most obvious of which was that all that garish wallpaper had gone.

Although it has many of the desired creature comforts, the place was run down somewhat and very tired in its appearance. It was only ever going to be a one bedroom flat and that meant that during the moving process, the bedroom was to become a huge dumping ground allowing for some degree of living, coincidently within the living room, and not for the first time in my life I would be sleeping on the couch. At least until I could find enough spare space to park my bed.

So that was the plan and so as not to spoil things too much, This next series of blogs will take each room individually and put us on a start to finish journey for them one by one. But before even that, let's have a look at the floor space we have available... 

As you can see, although it is fairly compact, some of the rooms cannot be considered small. All the dimensions are in metres and for the purpose of a quicker move, some of the doors have been removed. These by the way have been marked in red on the floor plan because I feel that at least half of them require re-hinging for better accessibility (more on that later).

Anyway, having now moved in, we have already lost what should have been the bedroom for the foreseeable future so now it was time to make some form of amends for that by trying to redistribute some of the contents and where better to start, than in the internal storage area. This wasn't going to be a big job as we were just moving in and had not yet even considered any form of Pimping. So what we had was a room 2.2 x 1.2 metres square and it was designated a tool store. This simply meant removing the inward opening door, relocating some old coat hangers and fixing some shelving units up.

Mmmm, still not enough space created to make way for a bed but let's move on anyway.

Now it was time to hit the living room. But before we do anything drastic, let's take a while to have a look round and see what we make of it....

Click on image to enlarge
Yes I know, the next item to unpack is the camera tripod.

Anyway, enough of that for now, we need to get moved in. And in it's present state the room was unworkable for the corner suite I had brought with me so there was only one thing for it... that fireplace had to go. I wasn't to concerned about that as I didn't really like it anyway, it was out of proportion for the room and not in keeping with my contemporary style. So out it came...

Shame it left a hole in the carpet, but again it was no big deal as underfloor heating was always intended and underfloor heating and carpets don't mix. Some stage further down the line, the carpet would be history but for now, I will just have to live with it.

So with the fireplace gone all that remained was to give the room an initial set up. Again there's no pimping to be done yet, because we're just moving in. And with the help from an old salvaged dining table sawn in half, so without further ado, this is how the room stands at present...

Entering the room from the hallway you are met by the 3m x 2.8m black corner suite.

Which takes you onto the French windows and the sawn off dining table/hifi stand.

Naturally the sounds and the computers take full priority.

And finally, because we are PadPimpers at heart, here's that fireplace again with a few subtle changes.

In order to make the fireplace better suited to the room we first split it into its three component parts; the hearth, the face and the mantle piece. Then working with the middle bit (the face), we took five inches off the bottom of the upstands, raised the cut out for the fire by five inches and finally took a further four inches off across the whole of the top. The fireplace was then reassembled and the face insert was tiled in grey slate. 

Don't worry about the ornaments too much, they were just unpacked along with the computers. but the new sawn-off fireplace lends itself much better to the room and will also now facilitate the addition of a large plasma TV above it. Easy as that. 

Join us next time, as we endeavour to strip all the walls (paper, dado rails and air vents), add extra power points and level the existing, and re-plaster to a polished skim coat finish.

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