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Rumour has it, there’s a fantastic new Bank in town...

Anyway, this generous bank starts the day by placing in your account just over £86,000. Nice bank heh?

But… Oh yes there’s a but…

There are some rules that come with the cash:

1. You have to spend all of it during the day it’s deposited.

2. You can’t transfer it to any other account.

3. And anything left in the account at the end is forfeited – it goes back to the bank.

There’s more great news as well.

The very next day the bank puts another eighty-six grand into your account.

But then two more rules come into play…

1. The bank can close the account any time it wishes and,

2. You don’t get a second account.

So – what would you and I (and probably everyone else) do?
That’s the question.

I’m sure:

We’d buy anything and everything we wanted – wouldn’t we?
We’d buy anything and everything for the people we love, wouldn’t we?
We’d even buy ‘stuff’ for anyone else – help anyone just to spend it all – wouldn’t we?

We’d spend every last penny of the money, every last penny – wouldn’t we?

In fact though, this isn’t a bank… This is real life – life itself!

Every single day we get a deposit; not of £86,000+; but of 86,400 seconds of time!

Everyone does, you – me – everyone.

Just think: in just 12 days we’d have received a deposit of over 1,000,000 (1,036,800) seconds – we’re millionaires! But what we don’t use (spend) is gone – and gone forever! The next day starts with another massive deposit – again to be spent that day and that day only.

And through death, the account can be closed, never to be reopened – at any time! Too often without any prior notice!

And so, how are you going to use your irreplaceable fortune? Surely ‘time’ is far more valuable than cash any day of the week – isn’t it?

Makes you think – doesn’t it?

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