A collection of short stories and journalistic commentaries depicting my simple life
and how I fit in with the modern day universe of our times


There’s a room and it is full of reflections. It’s shaped like a circle, each wall hidden behind mirrors. There are many of them, all different shapes and sizes. They’re just like any other ordinary mirrors, except they aren’t.

In the centre of the room stands a woman. She’s smiling, her face bright with happiness, not even the slightest of hints of depression shown. But as she looks around though, she becomes terribly confused.

Each mirror is reflecting her so called friends, there’s nothing so unusual there? But as she looks closer, she realizes that every mirror has its own specific image. It is still the woman in the centre, but shown in different lights of friendship.

One mirror shows her frowning, tears slipping down her face. The clothes she wears are different too, longer and darker. Another shows her angry, eyes clouded with burning passion, hair cut short and blunt. This continues with all the others, every ugly emotion shown through the friendships in question.

The woman starts to get overwhelmed by it all. Beads of sweat line her forehead as she struggles to figure out what is happening here. Her hands shake and her eyes grow frantic, jumping from each and every one of her twin appearances.

She snaps and moves forward. Glass scatters the floor as she pulls her bloody hand back. But as soon as that mirror disappears, another one takes its place. A different image again. She smashes that one too yet still another comes back.

She’s frustrated now. She can’t think straight. She only wants them all to be gone. More and more mirrors shatter, more and more come back. The floor is now covered in glass. Her fists are red and bloody, but she doesn’t care; she doesn’t stop.

Finally, tired and destroyed, the woman collapses; gives up. Her eyes close and she covers her ears. It almost seems as if the images are mocking her.

“Yay, she cracked!”

“No longer can she hide from us now!”

“It’s our time to shine!”

“She can’t pretend we don’t exist any longer…”

It’s almost as if they’ll never stop taunting her. And she can’t take any more. Raising a shard to her wrist, she trails it along. Now she’s bleeding from her arm as well.

The woman is about to do it again when she’s successfully restrained. Her eyes are closed and she doesn’t know who it is. When a soft whisper sounds in her ear, she knows instantly. And all at once, almost like magic, she’s calmed.

“It’s going to be okay. Don’t let them get to you. Only you can control how they can affect you.”

The woman’s eyes open. She understands now. Turning in a circle she stares at each image and gives in to each and every one. She won’t hide from them any longer, but will instead conquer them. With these arms wrapped around her, she can do anything. One by one, they disappear, until only one image is left, directly in front of her.

The last mirror shows the woman happily sitting there. The reflection is exactly how it should be, with his arms around her, chasing away all her worries. She smiles this time, for real.

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