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As the Libyan revolution/debacle still continues to unfold around us, surprise surprise, the Great Powers are now seen to be lining up to grab at the post-war spoils, and are now seen starting manoeuvres to exploit the needs of whomever fills the vacuum.

Having already poured huge resources into the NATO effort so far to ensure that western control is retained in the region, they are now beginning to expect the quid pro quo from the recipients of this largesse.

However, it appears to me that the ingrates are a little savvier than their deadly celebratory shootings into the air would otherwise indicate.

As the British government now begins to show its hand by being both patronising on the one side ("didn't you do WELL!") and demanding on the other ("and don't forget who put you here") those pesky Libyans have just pulled a fast one on us.

It was a no-brainer for them. The intelligence revelations exposing the relationship between Gaddafi, the CIA & MI6 were always going to be toxic, and any owner of said material would know that. Therefore, Washington and London could only sit back and hope that the current (and no doubt fleeting) leadership would not bite the hand that has so generously fed them in order to keep the powers sweet.

However, it's still a war out there, and everyone can do perfidy, and the National Transitional Council has already chosen to play their ace before the dust has settled.

The west may be able to rely on 400 years of tried and tested colonialism to know what works, but they must also realise that by now, SO DO THE COLONIALS.

Last week it was claimed that the suspected killer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher during the embassy siege in London 1984 had been found executed, "shot, possibly by former regime apparatchiks hoping to silence him". No doubt the new guys were aware of the expectations of the British government having previously shunned requests for his being tried, yet were keen to end any unnecessary wrangling that did not advance the cause of the NTC. So, Bang Bang: Problem Solved. And let’s not forget that in the "fog of war" that's easily done.

If the British Government had any notions that the Libyans would care a fart for any of the Tory promises to the oil companies, then they are now well and truly dashed.

Curiously enough though, you must give the Tories some credit. Cameron has immediately taken the opportunity to place the blame for the MI6 farce squarely on the Labour party shoulders and the previous government! He may still not have any ideas of his own, but he's still a master of the pointless political smokescreen.

Meanwhile, BP and the other BIG OIL companies will now just have to resort to their own usual covert methods to turn the situation around to their advantage. And I bet you any money, they soon will do.

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