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Moanday Morning...

Well It’s not often I’m wrong but I was right again and today I am having a day off...  It seems I really am sick, so sick in fact that I am not even getting out of bed to play with the local firemen visiting the neighbouring school... Yes I really am that sick and poor Andy is having to look after me as I am well and truly in sookie mode... I just need some TLC and lots of loving...

Sorry, not today boys, put your hoses away
Yes and I am teary too because I don’t want to go home, everything has just been so perfect, I feel so at home in Andy's arms and the thought of being apart from him again is not sitting well at all...

So today, we watched my favourite channel on British TV, channel 4 and stayed snuggled on the couch, the blog can wait... it is after all a Monday here. Sorry folks.

But having said all that, there are a couple of things I think worthy of mention that I can still tackle from within the confines of the old sick bay. The first being a little game we played on our travels that sort of snuck up on me without my realising. It was the game of spot the Monarch. It's a simple game that consists of mainly looking at the different decals on the good old British post boxes. It seems that depending on when the post boxes were placed and who the reigning monarch was at the time, each post box carries decals for the name of said Monarch in rule at the time.

Among the Monarchs we found were: Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, King George the 5th, and King Edward the 7th. You learn something new every day it seems.

The other thing worthy of note is the remarkable sense of patriotic pride the British have with flags and bunting adorning many of the streets at present. Granted it is a big year for the old UK with the Queens Jubilee, the football and the Olympics but the place looks great basking in the splendour of such adornments.

Funnily enough though, according to Andy, at the end of each event the flags and festivities soon diminish with a marked reduction of said decorations when the England football team lost to Penalties on Sunday night. With only the Olympics left to celebrate now, it seems that it’s only the die-hard patriots or the sheer bone idle that have these trinkets of national pride remaining in their windows and gardens now. Maybe I was wrong?

There certainly were plenty of union jack accessories to choose from in the local shops and I for one was as guilty as the next man for imbibing in such luxuries, collecting souvenirs at every stop. Maybe I did go a little overboard with my own collection of flags, bunting, slippers, t-shirts, baby wear and shower caps.

And OMG... Did I really pose for this picture?

No wonder I’m staying in bed!!

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  1. RuggerDucky said...
    Weird to play catch up on the blog when I already know you're home.
    dragonfly emerging said...
    i know, but the last week i was there the priority became about getting better before i got on the flight, i didn't want my ear drums bursting, not to mention i need to utilise my Andy time well as it would probably be another 5 months before we see each other... i miss him so much :(
    Andy Robinson said...
    And 30 odd hours incommunicado while on planes don't help either :) Apparently the pilots were using up all the bandwidth sending out SOS's

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