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Well this day in the calendar is the solstice, back home it is the winter solstice and the day that Andy and I had originally set our wedding date.  All the energies about this day were going to be perfect for the day.  Winter Solstice being the shortest day and the day to plan for the future, also a new moon and great for new beginnings and well numerology wise, it was ideal too. A day too, for laying down the foundations for the future.  Alas the visa process has thrown a spanner into the works for all that but I am still spending this day with the man I love, so all is right in the world.  Had I been across my side of the planet though, I am sure it would have been a whole other kettle of fish.

But not to dwell on what could have been, we had a full day ahead of us to enjoy each other’s company and the added bonus of discovering how soul destroying the government departments can be for people looking for work in an economy where there are no real jobs on offer. We were off to sign on and we were running late, my fault again, but hey, we got there. They didn’t complain and we were quickly done and on to the next adventure.

We went to Do Dah’s, some posh little establishment cafe/wine bar on Bank St in Rawtenstall, and the hope of finally getting a Devonshire cream tea (scones with jam and cream).  I hate to harp on about this but it was one of the things I was told by an English friend living in Oz, “you have to have a Devonshire cream tea and try apple scrumpy while over there, you will never fully experience it here in Oz like it is there in the UK”.  As I didn’t know what apple scrumpy really was (a type of cider apparently) and well, I am not really a fan of apples (long story), so the Devonshire Tea was the real mission. This little place caters for vegetarians, vegans and people with all sorts of intolerances, they even have the Byron Bay Cookies I go on and on and on about, even the sticky date and ginger ones (YUM!!!), so the chances were, it was going to be good. 

Well I never even finished the coffee, I just got so deflated by the experience of delivered scone and individually packed sachets of jam and clotted cream.  The cream was from the Devonshire area, but, sighs... you know what? I think maybe I am just a little over wheat products.  At home I don’t eat many if any wheat products as it causes inflammation in my joints, mainly my knees, and I have struggled with my knees ever since I got to the UK. I think my body just said enough!!  So it isn’t that the scone experience wasn’t great, I just think it was time to let go of this mission.

So now I was in a MOOD. Everything was getting to me, I was tearing up at the thought of having to go home, I was over the fact my hair wasn’t as brightly coloured as I wanted it to be after seeing all the awesome other colours that others were sporting, and my knee hurt. GRR!!.  There was a hair dressing salon across from the cafe, so that was the next obvious stop.  They had no clients in the seats, so I went in and directly asked “how much for a colour?”
“£45, not bad, ok then I would like to book in now please.” 
“Ok we have to do a skin test first and you can come back tomorrow to get your hair coloured”.  
“WTF!!! Are you serious?”
“Sorry it’s salon policy,” I was told. 


I walked out, found another empty salon further down the road, where I was told they don’t do the skin tests as it was obvious I have done hair colour before (Well no sh1t Sherlock), but we can’t fit you in until tomorrow.  Sighs.  Ok get me out of here!! 


Soon  I had lost interest in everything else too as we walked back to towards Tesco and home. My knee was really hurting me now and getting more and more painful with every step. I had to refocus.  Yes I know we were supposed to get married, yes I know the Devonshire tea was a bust and well, just get over the hair colour and deal with it when you get back home to Oz. But for now, just get back to Andy’s and get off your knee. Less pain equals less of a mood (in theory anyway). 

I just needed to make the most of the time I had left with Andy and this mood was just killing that.

I guess I just don’t want to go back home without Andy!! Who would?

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    That was from me, Inika btw!!!

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