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Dear anonymous,

Thank you for the comment you kindly appended to my entry "GHOST" at 21:40 on Sunday 23rd May 2010.

I really do appreciate this act of courage on your part, it's just a pity you weren’t brave enough to put your name to it. Perhaps if you had spent a little more time on the site actually reading, you may have come across my post "TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT ~ Social Networking" in which part 6, sections IV. and V. state:

6) Any form of ‘counter-content’ will however, be treated with respect to the following criteria:
IV. Sender is anonymous and 'counter-content’ is unqualified. – Ignore it.
V. No form of ‘counter-content’ that makes personal attacks against any individual will    be tolerated. – Any such discussion that goes this way will be terminated. Any form of  ‘content’ or ‘counter-content’ should not be used to incite embitterment or argument.

Like it says, you would have normally been ignored. But for the purpose of this exercise, that is not going to be the case.

Firstly, it is refreshing to know that you have based your 'unqualified' opinions on the sum total of only around 500 words (no, I didn't count them, my word processor does that for me), of which almost half were other people's comments, on a site that carries in excess of 80,000. This to me is an interesting indicator of the type of personality disorder we are dealing with here.

See, already we know something about you. Your mask of anonymity is starting to slip. Let's see what else we know shall we?

Well you came to the site via a choice of 65 possible links posted on my facebook wall. Which gives you the rather dubious title of, a ‘friend’? At 21:32:46, you linked to the entry marked "A HOT DATE" - Are you; some kind of a pervert? On the lookout for cheap thrills? If so, then yes, maybe my site isn't as good as the millions of others on the net. The ones that peddle porn for saddo's like you. Some of us are happier with the real thing.

Probably disgruntled by the lack of visible, fleshy bits and bobs after the page had loaded, you clicked on the recent comments box on the side bar which then took you to the entry, "BACK TO THE GRIND" where the comment that drew your attention, was posted by my good self, purely as a preamble for my next entry "A FORMAL COMPLAINT". You must have liked that, because you clicked back to it 3 more times. I guess that's where you became first inspired to write your very own words of wisdom; shafts of wit; wafts of shit.

From there you went to the page titled "GHOST". That must have really pissed you off. Still no porn, only 16 words including the title, and not even a real ghost to look at. Back to the recent comments box you went, which took you to the page titled "REVENGE OF THE LAWNMOWER".

Now I know you didn't read any of that, because you weren't there long enough to have done so, just enough time to locate and read the actual comment. So you went back to "GHOST" again. That was when your bravery pill must have kicked in. You went to fill in, the ‘post a comment’ box. Your nerves must have kicked in too though, either that or you ballsed it all up, because you had to have another go didn't you?

Not to worry though, the comment was finally sent. But again, you did worry didn't you? Your own insecurities got the better of you didn't they? You just had to know that your point had been made. You made 5 further loops back to the page, even coming back through my twitter links, just so you could revel in a piteously depressing self glory after having seen your comment light up the screen. You had just publicly humiliated me and it made you feel good. Weird that, considering you spend so much time rooting through my public channels.

What a pity you never got to see it eh? Little did you know, it was being queued for moderation. So there you were, defiling my site, while courageously hiding behind the name of Mr. or Mrs. anonymous. Or would you rather; Mr. or Mrs. sexually deviant, hard of reading, excitable and insecure stalker, all at the same time - and anonymouse. After all, that's what we ALL know about you now.

But wait, stick around. There's even more to tell. We also know you're somewhere in the UK. Your ISP is B Sky B broadband, you have Windows 7 with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and you use Internet Explorer for browsing with. This also leads us to the assumption you might be a bit dim too, because most computer savvy people know that Internet Explorer, is only good for installing Fire-fox, Safari or Google Chrome with.

I also have your IP address. So if I actually gave a shit about what you really think, I could go to your ISP and get you cut off for being abusive. I could also publish it here and run the possibility of having your computer attacked by viruses or your inbox spammed by benevolent hackers, but fortunately for you, this time I won't. Let's just call it a warning shall we?

Ooooh look, here's a photo of you: This is just a snapshot view. The more detailed view tells even more about you, like whereabouts in the UK, you are based, etc.

Aren't traffic counters wonderful tools?
But never mind, you're anonymous and quite safe aren't you? 

Maybe instead of showing the world your own particular style. Of ignorance, that is. You could have been a little more constructive. Helping an AMATEUR (That's all I ever claimed to be) writer out, by offering assistance where you might think it was needed. Although the content of my musings may not be to your liking, I will state here and now, that what I do write, is both spelt and grammatically presented, correctly. Yours however, isn't. You opened with speech marks, but failed to close them,  and you could be missing a question mark. - Fool!

Discussion terminated!

DEAR ANONYMOUSESocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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