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In this day and age, it is far from the norm to have simple pressed steel radiator panels as an integral part of a home's central heating system. Many people are opting for designer the many differing options that are now available to chose from. Here are a few of theses options:



Always bear in mind when choosing a new radiator though, that each radiator has a different heat output.

When installing any form of heating, it is standard procedure to measure a room for its heating requirements. To do this properly you must first establish the volume of the room and take into account its fabric (accounting for any additional insulation used). You also have to allow for the number of doors and windows there are in the room too. When calculating the room's requirements your answer should be in Btu's - British thermal units. This is how the heat output on any radiator is measured and subsequently detailed when sold.

If the radiator of your choice doesn't emit the correct output for the room, no matter how nice the radiator is, the room will not reach a comfortable temperature. If you really must have an undersized radiator, be sure to compromise with the addition of extra supplemental radiators elsewhere within the room.

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