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WARNING – Please heed the comment on the above photograph. This story contains some explicit adult content. It is not for minors, the faint of heart or the prudish amongst us.
 If you feel that you fit into any of the aforementioned categories, please by-pass this story and check out some of the archived others. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Entering into her early forties, Julie had by no means, had an easy life. Hers was a constant battle in making ends meet through long hours of waitressing at the various burger joints around town. It was a hard and thankless job she did, with hoards of impatient and ill mannered customers coming and going throughout the day. They were very long working hours which carried a relatively low pay rate to reward her for all her efforts. But she muddled by and made the best of her lot.

When she finally got home in the evenings, her life consisted solely of a regular diet of books, television and taking the internet by storm. And it was there that she met a man. Not through design mind, she had never been on a dating site in her life. That was not her style and who needs a man anyway, she often laughed to herself. It was purely by chance, that their paths later crossed through a totally innocent means. It was simply a normal networking site that they had both used. They were simply burning away the midnight oil in different parts of the world and that was how their lives first intermingled.

She had never known a man like this before. It was as if everything he typed, he had typed for her and her screen alone. It was the first time in her life that anyone had stimulated her mind, her body and soul in such a manner. The more she heard from him, the more she wanted him. Somehow, unbeknown to her, he seemed to know exactly how she thought and he pushed all the right buttons for her without effort. Every night she had fantasies of knowing him better; being with him; living with him. Quite often it has to be said; this arousal of her emotions simply got the better of her.

At forty two, she had done well to retain her good looks. She had a happy, round face, with a broad smile and dimples where her lips met her cheeks. She had a cute button nose with a spattering of light freckles around it which instantly led one to her eyes. Those deep and welcoming brown eyes were what she considered to be her best feature, they seemed to demand everyone’s attention and this whole pretty picture of her pleasant face was framed by a glorious mane of long, loosely curled fiery red hair. She worked out too. Her body was good. And, even if she thought so herself, she knew it was true. She had a great figure, all the right curves in all the right places, unspoiled by childbirth, and so far, touch-wood; none of her womanly, 38D charms were heading south. It was little wonder then, that when the two of them fist met, it was love at first sight for the both of them.

That was nearly eight months ago now and after many sleepless nights of networking, instant messaging, and web-camming through the wee small hours; they finally took the plunge and arranged for a proper meet. They have been living together as partners ever since. The relationship was a perfect example of peace and harmony. He lived for her like she lived for him. They were a real team. Theirs was a marriage made in heaven. Many a time Julie would laugh at her past existence, not knowing just what she had done right, to deserve her present luxury of a good home with a good man and finally, such a good and happy life.

She was a housewife now, and proud of it. Every day after morning cuddles and breakfast, she would lovingly pack her man off to work, tend to the household chores and patiently await his return to the family nest.

Today was to be no different. After completing her daily routine of the cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping and ironing, she finally looked forward to a long glass of chilled iced tea and a good hour wrapped up in her latest book. Sitting in her favourite chair under the window that poured copious helpings of daylight into the room, she sipped at her drink and flipped through the pages of her book to where she had previously left off. While basking in the warm afternoon sunshine, within the next half hour of reading she was now soundly asleep. It was half past two.

Julie woke with a start to find her man towering above her as he bent down for a kiss. It was half three and after finishing work early that day, he’d rushed his way home just to be with the love of his life.

“Hello, hello, hello, slacking off then are we?” he laughingly enquired of her, as he gently bit at her neck while cupping her right breast.

“I was j-just,” she started with a huge welcoming smile.

“Declaring war on my manhood again, no doubt?” He finished, while gently rolling the previously spotted hard nipple, seen protruding beneath the skin tight top she was wearing, between his thumb and forefinger.

“Stop that,” she laughed at him. “It’s turning me on.”

“Really?” he grinned, “Well that will never do, will it?”

In no time at all he was on his knees in front of her. As he kissed her once more, he placed his arms around her and ran them slowly down her back. Gripping onto the waistband of her jeans, in one swift and effortless motion, he pulled her to the edge of the couch and had the jeans and her knickers around her ankles. Releasing her feet, he looked her straight in the eye. It was a dirty mischievous look and she loved every ounce of it.

“What are you doing?” She giggled, just as he sunk his tongue between the lips of her womanhood. He never heard her speak again as she quickly leant back with a huge sigh. “God, this really was heavenly,” she thought, as once again he was working her, and she loved every minute of it. Her writhing body violently confirming every stroke his probing tongue was making. She was instantaneously launched into a world of pure ecstasy and regardless of how hard she tried to prolong and hold onto the sensations, her resistance was futile. Her whole body heaved an enormous explosion of mixed emotions and vibrant energy as she climaxed into his wanton mouth.

He stopped, looked up and patiently, he awaited her return from whatever part of the universe it was that he’d just sent her to. Once again his eyes were permanently fixed onto the now widely dilated pupils of hers. It was as if he were asking her: “How’s about that then?”

Flirting with his eyes, she whispered, “Not so fast mister!” as she reached for his belt. She hurriedly undid his trousers and pulled them down to his knees.

“Please sir, I want some more, I want some of this,” she giggled again as she took his penis in her hands. Toying with his balls and licking at the tip, she felt him quickly harden. She guided him towards her already moistened pussy and demanded, “Take me!”

Lifting her feet onto his shoulders, he probed her neatly trimmed bush with his now rock solid member. She let out another huge sigh as he slowly slid every last inch of his manhood deep inside her. He could feel how wet she was as he lay within. Motionless now, he gripped at her bottom and pulled her as close to him as he could while he waited for her to catch her breath. Already her body was violently trembling.

And then the party began. Slowly at first, he took up a gentle rocking motion. Her breathing deepened through flared nostrils as she involuntarily pushed against his gyrating hips. Their pace gradually quickened and within minutes they were fucking the lives out of each other for all they were worth. Every thrust sent shivers through her and her breathing quickened into a short and shallow panting accompanied by the occasional cry of exhilaration. She knew she was nearly there and moved herself harder and faster towards him with every push he made. She wanted release from this mental anguish. Her whole body fought for satisfaction. Within minutes she was on the brink and all at once she collapsed in front of him. The fireworks that were long since lit had finally exploded. She had come like never before. She was out of this world for what seemed an eternity. Her whole body was now fighting his erection with an uncontrollable spasm after spasm of sheer delight.

Sensing that she had well exceeded her point of no return, quickly he changed his pace to a more deliberate slowing barrage of long drawn out insertions and each time he moved, her body convulsed with an everlasting gratitude. His job now done, he looked at his partner. She was lying prone in front of him, her whole body glowing, she was now fully satiated. Calmly he withdrew and reached over to kiss her once more, this time it was to be a long, lingering, and meaningful kiss.

After a couple of minutes in each other’s arms, he moved back and re-focused on her eyes. “And let that be a lesson,” he joked, as he clamoured back to his feet. “I need to take a shower. I think I need to be taking you out for the night.” And with that he stumbled across the floor towards the bathroom with his trousers still wrapped around his ankles.

“Wait for me sonny Jim,” she cried out after him. “You and me, have some unfinished business!” She wanted - no needed, to return his favours.

Like Groucho Marks complete with cigar, he turned and smiled at her. “Chase me!” he said, by way of a challenge and continued out of the room.

As she watched his perfectly rounded butt cheeks clumsily disappearing from the room. Feeling totally flushed in the face, and with her body still recuperating from its earlier hammering, she stood up awkwardly, collected her clothes and slowly followed him to the bathroom.

“God, I adore that man,” she thought to herself.

And so began the evening.

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