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Kaitlin was quite an interesting thirteen year old girl; she’s not regarded as being one with good social skills. I mean, let’s be realistic here, her favourite class in school is sign language, and even then the teacher practically has to kick her out every day. She’s the type of person who would rather spend time by herself than hang out with what few friends she has. Normally she would come home from school, pop a DVD in the Blue Ray and watch a movie or just hang out reading books.

Kaitlin always told her Grandfather that one day, she’d be as great as he was in producing movies, I mean let’s face it, her all time favourite movie was Star Wars.

That Monday morning as she was leaving her first period class, she noticed Vincent and Dominic talking at the end of the corridor, pointing and giggling at her as she gracefully walked to her next class, she just smiled and kept going.

"Do you understand Dominic?" Vincent whispered.

"Yes Vincent, We’ll get her Friday on her way back home from school, she usually cuts through the woods and takes the back way home, so it‘ll be perfect."

"Are you gonna get the Halloween masks from your brother so we can scare the crap out of her when we jump out from behind the trees?" Dominic asked.

"Yeah, it’s going to be an awesome practical joke, she’s going to piss her pants for sure when she sees us." They started laughing, then turned and walked away from their lockers and headed towards their next class.

Dominic nudged Vincent’s arm and leaned in just enough to whisper in his ear, "do you think we should get a couple of capes to go with the masks?" he asked "or is that overdoing it a little bit?"

"No man that’s cool, we can borrow a couple of sheets from our Mums." he replied, and then walked into the classroom.

"Yeah. Good idea Vincent!" 

Friday finally came and the two boys waited patiently on the narrow pathway behind the trees for their prey to come along.
"Do you see her yet Vincent, because I need to pee?"

"Go piss behind that stupid tree, Jeez, I told you to go before we left anyways!" Vincent shook his head in disappointment.

"Wait, wait a minute, I think I can see her coming!" he whispered.

The two boys crouched down behind the trees and waited anxiously for her arrival. Then from out of the blue, a dense fog started to creep up around the boys and slowly move towards Kaitlin.

As she walked ever closer to the boys, who were getting ready to spring the trap, she heard a rustling noise coming from the woods. She turned and looked nervously, a loud growling noise came from behind one of the trees and then what appeared to be a werewolf of some sort, stood up and charged directly towards her, its eye’s were a glowing, deep ruby red, it’s huge arms with long razor sharp claws flailed at her.
The boys looked up and saw the terrifying creature now charging at Kaitlin; she let out a blood curdling cry, right before Dominic wet himself. Vincent looked up and saw blood pouring from out of the side of her neck as the creature delivered a second huge blow across her head. She fell to her knees, then to the mist dampened ground beneath the dense fog. The creature screamed with a self-gratifying victory wail over the fatal blow to Kaitlin.

Vincent stood there in sheer shock for a good while, he sensed a wet heat running down his left leg, and then went to where Dominic was using the fog as a cover to reach him without being seen. He grabbed him, and then started to back up until he bumped into something. Suddenly, he felt a warm breathing on the back of his neck, and felt something moving towards the side of his face, hair brushed up against his cheek, panicking now, he started trembling with real fear.

He could feel the intensity in the warm air as the creature’s mouth opened up beside him.

"This is it" he thought, resigning himself to his pending doom. Waiting with his eyes firmly closed for what seemed an eternity, for him to draw his last breath. And then it spoke, ever so softly in his ear.

"Boo!" the voice said.

Turning he saw the grand-daughter of George Lucas, Kaitlin, standing next to him.

"But, but how? I saw you being attacked by that fearsome creature!" he said whimpering.

"Who, my grandfather?" then she giggled. "Come on Gramps, you ready?"

Lifting his mask off his face, he replied "Just getting the fog machine love!"

"How did you know?" Dominic asked her.

"Two years of sign language courses, stupid." She replied. "My specialty is reading lips." Then she laughed and gave her grandfather a high five, leaving her two would be assailants just standing there in wet trousers.

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