A collection of short stories and journalistic commentaries depicting my simple life
and how I fit in with the modern day universe of our times

We had quite a shock in the family last week.
Well, it’s shaken us all to the bone.
We’ve been that upset, we’ve been frightened to speak,
Well you do, when it’s one of your own.

It’s very hush, hush, so you’ll have to use tact.
I’m sorry to carp, but I must.
It’s quite confidential, top secret in fact,
So only tell those, you can trust.

Our Maggie’s going to get married.
She’s made up her mind to get wed.
Her bottom drawer’s bulging, so much it’s divulging,
The quilt that she bought, for the bed.

It’s well known, she’s not one for rushing.
Well she’s ninety when all said and done.
And some body’s told her, if she gets much older,
She’s going to miss most of the fun.

So our Maggie’s going to get married.
With presents they’ve started to call.
There’s a book from Aunt Sis, all about wedded bliss,
With a do it yourself kit, an’ all.

Our Jack said,” I’ve brought you this statue -
Can you tell, it’s antique filigree?”
Mag said, “I should do, it’s the one I gave you -
And I can’t think, who gave it to me.”

But, our Maggie’s going to get married.
She’s got the whole house on the run.
When she happened to say, “Who could give me away?”
Our Fred said, “Why, what have you done?”

Our Albert said, “I’ll play the organ -
I can play ‘Roll Me Over’ - no fear.”
As the newlyweds leave, “I’ll play something naive -
Like the ‘Loveliest Night of the Year’.”

So our Maggie’s going to get married.
She’s having six bridesmaids, in pink.
With the dresses she’s chosen, they’re going to be frozen,
God knows, what the vicar might think.

The honeymoon’s booked at Lime Regis.
Our Mag’s found a flat, that’s to let.
She’d get married our Mag, but our Mag’s found a snag,
You see - nobody’s, asked her to yet.

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