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Testing, testing, one, two, and three.... AAARRGGGHHH!!

Unaccustomed to public speaking as what I am, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank all my American, Canadian and German or should we just say, Global followers on the ~Olde Google Buzz~. You Buzzstards!!!

Let me just publicly state right here and right now, that there is nothing more totally un-natural, than sitting in front of a camera, all on your lonesome, and trying to hold a conversation for the benefit of others. Especially when having a bad hair day.

Having said that, I have now said it, and the ‘Oh so frightening’ consequences can now be witnessed on the attached video clip. Being the opportunist that I am, you might have also noticed I took the opportunity to plug everything I try to do. To DEATH!

“And why ever not?” I say, (preferably not in public). If only you knew what you have all put me through by asking for this.

On reflection though.... “God, what a minger!! And check out those hands, they’re huge!! What’s that all about?” Well, rumour has it ............. large hands – large gloves .............. and  .............. an even larger .............. no, larger than that ............. and that .............. Typewriter – Oops - Keyboard!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to hate me...

“And er, while you’re there, leave a few comments, good, bad or indifferent, and er, don’t forget the donation button at the bottom (Huge grin). Cheers! Thanks a lot, see you all later, bye...”

“So there – Bollocks!!”

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