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I've been writing this blog for a few months now, and do you know what... the internet truly is a marvellous thing...

You see, not only can I send you a message over the web, but by some miracle I get a message back from you. No... not in an e-mail or anything so 'worldly'... it's more, well, telepathic really. I hear voices coming back over the web.

I sense you're having serious doubts about my sanity now.
Okay I'll prove it to you...

I'm going to try to tell you a few things about yourself. Cut me a little slack though... I haven't got this telepathy thing completely 'off pat' yet - I might make a few mistakes - but let's just see how close I can get...

You're interested in making more money - that much is clear. I sense that you're either in your own business or probably intend to start one someday.

This is because you've found that when working for a company, your work has never really been fully appreciated, and nobody ever gives you full credit for your abilities or the work you put in. You've got so much to offer, but never seem to get the breaks you deserve. You have abilities and talents which others simply don't know about because they never look below the surface.

Every organisation you've worked for has been rife with favouritism. Promotion seems to always go to people who suck up to the boss, or 'play politics', rather than the people like you who just knuckle down and get on with it.

You get fed up hearing how well other people are doing, and just know there has to be a better way of making a living. You see people apparently doing better than you, and just know that you are more competent and able. You find this hard to accept.

At the same time, you're desperate to ensure that your children have the opportunity of a better start than you had, but have difficulty accumulating the sort of money you'll need to ensure that that happens. Deep down, you know you'll succeed. You're just not sure how, yet.

You really don't like taking orders or instructions, and have always wanted to be the one 'running the show'. But you're not prepared to suck up to people to make it happen.

It's not that you're greedy about money - you don't want to be mega rich - but you do want to give your children the start I mentioned earlier, and you are interested in having security when you get older. You've worked hard, and think you deserve to take it easy when you retire, but without being dependent on others or the state.

There are a lot of things you've wanted to do all your life, but never had the time or money to do them. When you were younger you planned to see the world, but little by little your plans have been scaled down as responsibilities have overtaken these ambitions. You feel sure there must be some way to become independent before you're too old to enjoy it.

You enjoy being popular, and would like more invitations to things - not necessarily because you want to go, but just because you like it when others want you there. You get a bit angry when others get the invitations and opportunities simply because they ingratiate themselves to others. You know these people are shallow, with little or no depth, but you're not prepared to be insincere just to court attention and popularity. You tend to hide your light under a bushel, but you know for sure that given the right chance your real personality would shine through. Deep down, you'd like people to recognise the real you.

You don't like to be flattered, but you do like to get recognition from others when you've done something well. There are a number of things you do very well, and you always enjoy and appreciate it when others give you credit for them. This doesn't happen nearly as often as you'd like though.

You feel like you work too long and hard and don't have enough time to pursue your hobbies and interests, or to spend time as much time as you'd like with your family. You see others who seem much less industrious and capable than you, but who have much more free time to do what they want. You often wonder how they do it.

You're not a snob... and you find 'keeping up with the Jones's' absurd, but you do aspire to meet and mix with, more successful, interesting and influential people. You know that you're as good as anyone else, and can mix with any company. But you don't often get the opportunity. You certainly want your children to be completely at ease with everyone from Princes to paupers.

You probably wouldn't admit it out loud, but you're quite concerned about the way you look too. You do what you can, but feel that people with money have an unfair advantage. You know you could look just as good as the stars, if you had their money, and the time to work on your appearance.

And your health is becoming increasingly important to you. You used to feel good all the time, but now often feel tired and run down. You know that your diet and exercise programme isn't quite what it should be, but don't get the time to constantly pamper yourself.

You always seem to be thinking about, and looking after, other people - and that means neglecting yourself a little. You'd love someone to show you some shortcuts which would help you regain the health, fitness and vitality you used to have.

You feel very strongly that 'you only live once', and think that life should be lived to the full. After all, you can't take it with you. You work hard, do your best, and do what you think is right, so think you deserve to get as much enjoyment out of life as you can get. You spend a lot of time thinking about others, and need to put yourself first once in a while.

So how did I do?

Am I getting the hang of this internet telepathy thing? Was I close? Were there more hits than misses there? You know there were!

I'm thinking of having a complete change of career and going into the psychic reading business. You got this reading for free, but people often pay a small fortune to be told stuff they already knew by a complete stranger. I don't know why, they just do.

I could get even more obscenely rich than I am already doing this!

Alright, I suppose I'll have to own up... I didn't use psychic powers or telepathy to do your reading at all... (You guessed? I'm shocked!)

No, to prepare this reading for you I had a secret piece of information about you which made it unbelievably easy. And that piece of information was that...

You're a human being living in the developed world!

And because you're a human being living in the developed world, you have more in common than everyone else in the same situation, than you're probably comfortable with.

Did you think you were unique?

Well you are... up to a point, in the same way as a Ferrari is unique... up to a point. It can do a few things other cars can't do, and it looks different... but it still has an engine, gearbox, electrical system, wheels, seats and other assorted oily bits... just the same as any other car. It works in fundamentally the same way as other cars.

And the things that drive you are fundamentally the same
as drive just about everyone else...

You see, most people don't want to be stinking rich, but they do want enough money so that they feel secure. They want to be able to give their children a better start in life than they had, and then accumulate enough cash so that they don't have to worry about their old age. They rarely feel that they are being paid what they're worth, and feel that others who are less worthy are often paid more.

People often feel that they work too hard and too long, and want more free time to spend with their families, to travel, and to pursue their interests and hobbies. They yearn for others to recognise their achievements and abilities, and to receive the respect they deserve as a result. This recognition and respect is seldom forthcoming.

They long for freedom and self-determination... to be the masters of their own destiny... not to be taking orders or instructions from other people. They want to be in charge and in control. And if they were, things would be a whole lot better for everyone.

And at the same time, most people want to be more popular, and to move in 'higher' social circles. Once again, they feel that their true social worth is not being recognised, and that others are given the opportunities which should be theirs, simply because they are more pushy and sycophantic.

Above all, people want their share of the enjoyment and fun which they see other people having. They know that they're at least as deserving as other people, and are desperate not to miss out. But they just haven't had the breaks.

So why is this important?

Well, I've joked about it here, but this really is how so-called psychics gain the trust and belief of their customers. The knowledge they have is very much of this world - and it's a knowledge of basic human nature, and the characteristics, wants and needs which are common to almost all of us

Maybe we should all become psychics then?

At least I've given you a little training to get you started. And you don’t have to worry about letting me know how it goes this time... Did I not tell you I was psychic?  

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