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Are you insane?
The only reason I ask is that I just came across another quotation from Albert Einstein, which puts most of us firmly into the ‘sandwich short of a picnic’ camp.

Here’s what he said…

“Insanity is doing the same thing, while expecting a different result.”

How many of us can put hand on heart, and say we’ve never been guilty of doing that… or indeed that we’re not guilty of doing it right now?

In business, we persist in advertising our products and services in broadly the same way, and hope that by some miracle, more people will actually start buying them. We use the same tired tried and tested sales pitch and then complain because people are still showing us the door. We reduce our prices, hoping that it will have a better effect than when we tried the same thing last year.

When looking for a new job, we continue to send out the same old boring CV, despite the fact that it isn’t getting us any fresh interviews. If we’re lucky enough to get an interview, we give the same responses to questions that we did at the last dozen unsuccessful interviews, hoping that this interviewer will somehow respond better.

In our personal lives, we walk straight into the same old arguments, disputes and wrangles because we continue to do and say the same old things that caused the trouble last time. We somehow hope that the other party will have changed their position and respond differently - but they haven’t and they don’t. We try to get people to do what we want, by doing what we’ve always done. And they respond by doing what they’ve always done. And it’s not what we want!

There are rare exceptions, but by and large, if we continue to do the same old things, we’re going to get the same old results. So if we’re unhappy with the results we’re getting in any aspect of our life, then we have to change what we’re doing.

It’s as simple as that really. Scientists like Einstein, know this for sure. Thousands of controlled experiments have etched it on to their brains. But in the uncontrolled environment of the outside world though, things are not quite so clear cut or easy to comprehend.

So I ask you once again, are you insane?

I realise that there are certain areas of my life where I almost certainly am – at least according to Einstein’ theory. And I suspect it’s the same for you too.
The challenge for today then, is to identify where you’ve become accustomed to banging your head against a brick wall to no good purpose – and to start doing some things differently.
After all, you’d be crazy not to!

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