A collection of short stories and journalistic commentaries depicting my simple life
and how I fit in with the modern day universe of our times

About me:

I love sex in the morning
I love it late at night
Or even in the afternoon
In darkness or in light.

I love it in the living room
You bent over my best chair
Or on the leather sofa
I really like it there.

In the shower, soaking wet
I’ll take you from behind
Whichever way you want me
I honestly don’t mind.

While on the kitchen worktop
Your legs I’ll open wide
So I can lick your honey pot
And push myself inside.

I love sex on my bed the most
On my back, but I’m not fussy
Whatever gives best access
To the glory of your pussy.

I love it when I give it you
Face to face, your legs up high
Resting on my shoulders
That makes me moan and sigh.

A sixty nine is hard to beat
Your pussy on my face
My rock hard cock between your lips
While you dictate the pace.

But the best position of them all
Is doggie style for me
As I take you hard and deep with force
And you push back on me.

I delve real deep inside you
And fill you with my cum
Then love it when I stroke you
Your spine, your hips and bum.

Then I’ll withdraw and pull you close
And side by side we’ll lie
Cuddling and caressing
As we come down from our high.

And now I have got your attention, maybe I could have the job as well?

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