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I'm really not a stalker,
just bored while on Facebook,
And you just posted pics for me
I like the way you look.

I guess I didn't work too hard
to view your wall-to-wall,
But I really really wanted to
see what you did last fall.

By the way, I have to say
you’ve a typo in your status,
Could it be there’s something wrong
with your keyboard apparatus?

Oh no! My lord, Why did you write
in a language I can’t read?
Thank God for Google Translate
‘cos now I know your feed!

I've already been and had a look
through all your pictures but...
I'm going to do it all again,
in case I missed some smut.

Oh how I love the internet
where I can easy mingle.
OO! You changed your status
relationship reads single!!

I see you told your best friend 
you'll hit the town if able,
Should I stop by and visit?
Sit right by your table?

Your contact details I have got,
you maybe will not care.
If I drive by your homestead
And see if you are there.

Oh no, I’m not a stalker,
I am as soft as silk.
And by the way my new best friend
I think you’re out of milk....

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  1. fat girl gone thin said...
    So ur the one who drank all my milk and messed up my bed... thanks for keeping it warm for me ;)
    stephie said...
    good cautionary tale!

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