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Lynette's clothing, even her hair, smelled of coffee and she hated coffee. The sooner she could get out of her uniform and take a bath to wash that horrible smell away, the better she thought. It might seem odd for someone who hated coffee so much to have a job serving it, but the pay wasn’t bad and Janet her boss, was very good about scheduling her hours around her college classes.

She opened the door to her small downtown apartment and slowly walked inside. Thomas was on the couch, watching television as usual. 

"Hi, Thomas. How's it going?" she enquired.

Thomas did not seem to notice her at all. But one quick look at the television soon told Lynette why. Some NASCAR race or other was on and when he was watching that kind of stuff, she might as well be talking to a brick.

"I'm going to take a shower, and then I'll fix us something to eat." 

Without waiting for any response, she went straight into the tiny bedroom and started to get herself undressed. She could not understand what was so great about watching cars drive around in a circle, but she was glad that Thomas enjoyed it all the same.

Then, just as she had thrown her uniform into the laundry hamper she turned around and saw Thomas standing in the doorway, carefully watching her.

"I wish you wouldn't do that, Thomas. It's kind of creepy. Now go back and watch your racing." She told him.

But instead of going back to the couch, Thomas slowly walked past her, laid down on the bed and playfully winked at her.

"Oh sure, is that supposed to make me feel better?" Lynette smiled at him and continued undressing.

"Maybe I should be flattered that you think it's such a thrill to watch me take my clothes off. You know, I'm going to have to tell my parents about us soon. Ugh! My mum's going to have a fit when she finds out you're living here with me."

And it was just at that moment that Lynette's phone rang. She checked the caller ID and answered, "Hi, Mum."

"Hi, Dear. How was your day?"

"Not too bad. It was really busy at the coffee shop. And that chemistry course is actually getting kind of interesting."

"Didn't I tell you you'd like it?"

"Yeah, you were right again. Oh that reminds me, I had a meeting with my advisor today and he was talking about you."

"About me?"

"Well, you and Dad actually. He was complaining about helicopter parents. You know, parents who hover over their kids all the time? He says we don't get to be independent that way hee hee."

"Do you think we do that, Lynette? Do we hover over you?"

"Me? No way I think like that. But he kept going on and on that when he was in college, he'd go months without talking to his parents. So I told him he should stop living in the twentieth century."

"You didn't really tell him that did you?"

"No, of course not. I just nodded politely and ignored most of what he said."

"That's my girl."

Suddenly, Lynette started to giggle. "Thomas, stop that! You know how ticklish I am." She tried to push the pest away with her free hand. "Now leave me alone and let me talk to my mum."

"Who are you talking to, Lynette? Who's Thomas?"

"Uh, well, he's sort of just moved in with me."

"You don't have to do that sort of thing dear. I mean if you can't afford that apartment, you can always move back home. After all, it's only a twenty minute drive from here back to the college."

"It's not about the money, Mum. I just like a little, you know, companionship."

"If you want a companion, we'll get you a dog. The neighbour’s dog just had puppies. Wouldn't you prefer a cute, little puppy instead?"

"I don't want a puppy. I want someone who understands me."

"And you think that this Thomas really understands you?"

"Yes, Mum, I know he does. It's like we were meant to be together."

"Well I suppose you are old enough to make those kind of decisions. Why don't you ask him to come home with you this weekend, so your dad and I can meet him?"

"I suppose there is one thing I ought to tell you about him mum. He's a cat."

"What does that mean, a womaniser that’s into jazz or something?"

"No, Mum" Lynette laughed, "he's a real live cat. You know, a furry, little, four-legged mouse-chaser."

"A cat! Are you telling me you've got a cat?"

"Yes, Mum, a one hundred percent living and breathing cat."

"Louise Annette Walker! You can not possibly have a cat! You know I hate cats!"

"He's very well behaved and he's very affectionate."

"Cats are nothing but a nuisance. They claw up the furniture. They make your home smell like a litterbox."

"This is my apartment, Mum, and I can have a cat in it if I want to."

"Well, just don't think you're ever going to bring that thing home with you."

"I won't mum! And I won't ever come home myself if that'll make you happy."

Lynette shut off her phone and flopped down onto the bed next to Thomas, letting the phone slip out of her hand and drop to the floor. Thomas crawled up beside her and started nuzzling at her cheek. She started to laugh in spite of herself.

"I did get a little out of control myself, didn't I?" she enquired of the nonchalent animal.

She picked up the phone and set it on her bedside cabinet, but left it turned off. "I'll call her back and apologize in a while. But first, I'm going to take that bath. Get rid of this coffee smell and let us both cool off a bit."

She picked up the gray cat and held him tightly in her arms. "But don't worry, Thomas. No matter what my mum says, you're staying here with me."

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  1. stephie said...
    thats a cute story and my mom is a lot like that! But I am no cat person myself its puppies all the way for me! and coffeeshops don't pay well at all thats why I went back to school! I liked the job 15 yrs ago but can't live on minimum wage

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