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She looked back over her shoulder and checked herself in the full-length mirror.  She smiled, not bad for late thirties, not bad at all.  Adjusting the stockings making sure the seam ran straight up her shapely legs, she turned back, slipping the yellow cotton dress on over her head.  She smoothed the cool material over her body, her small firm breasts, unencumbered by a bra, stood proud. The length of the summery dress just covering the stocking tops she slipped on the not too high heeled shoes and checked her hair one last time.  He would like the stockings, she knew, and the small lacy panties that he’d bought her last Christmas would have him chomping at the bit.

She wanted tonight to be just right, things between her and Bob had been a little strained recently.  He was working hard, too hard.  He said it was all for her, for their future, but she’d rather have a husband than be rich and lonely.

She had picked the restaurant and arranged for Bob to meet her there at eight.  The cab was booked to pick her up at seven forty five and it was nearly that time now. 

One last look, a check of the hair and makeup… She knew she looked good and she felt good, tonight was going to be a night to remember.


The cab pulled up to the curb and she stepped out into the cool evening air, walked slowly across the pavement and into the exclusive restaurant.  A tall young waiter showed her to the secluded booth that she had earlier booked and asked her for her coat.  She slid the long black coat from her shoulders and turned to hand it to the waiter, and as she did so she caught the young man’s eyes wandering up her shapely legs.  Normally she would have been offended but tonight she felt good and was glad that her attributes were appreciated by someone.  She slid into the booth as the waiter moved away with her coat, but she knew he was still watching her and she let her dress ride up a little to reveal the tops of her stockings before sliding back into the seat.  A little flirting never hurt anyone and boy was she feeling flirty that evening.

A few seconds later the young man returned and asked if she would like a drink, she thought for a second, carefully appraising the waiter, and asked for a Jack Daniels with coke and ice.  He was young, no older than early twenties; he had light blue eyes and a winning smile.  He was tall well over six feet, and thin… She normally liked her men broad and strong like Bob, but this waiter had a certain something. 

He returned with her drink.  She thanked him slowly and graced him with a smile. He nodded and asked her if there was anything else, his eyes never leaving hers.  In her mind there were all manner of things she’d ask him for, but found herself saying no.

Half an hour and another Jack Daniels passed by and there was still no sign of Bob.  The young waiter was keeping an eye on her and she was most certainly keeping an eye on him too.  She could feel a little tension between the two of them.  The attentions of a much younger man were making her feel so good and more than a little hot too.  The last time he’d been over to ask if she needed anything she’d found herself rubbing her thighs together.  As she realized this she was shocked, but then after second thoughts she started to enjoy the sensation.  Her phone beeped, a message from Bob, apologizing and saying that he was on his way.  She read the message and found that she didn’t really care, she was having fun already.

She summoned the waiter over once more and ordered herself another drink.  When he returned she smiled up at him and as he leaned across to put the glass down she adjusted herself, slowly crossed her legs, letting the thighs rub together slowly.  He couldn’t help himself, she watched as his eyes caught the movement, and his glance snapped to her stocking tops and the milky white thigh revealed above.  She thanked him… smiling straight into his eyes and his face reddened a touch before he too smiled and backed away.  His eyes… she could see the desire in his eyes and it made her chest rise and fall, her proud nipples standing proud beneath the soft material of her dress.

Half way through this last drink, Bob finally arrived and panted his apologies.  She tried to hide the disappointment in her voice as she spoke to him, still keeping half an eye out for her waiter. 

They sat through the meal, the starter and the main course with Bob talking non-stop about work the whole time, twice she’d tried to divert the conversation but he’d always steered it back again.  She found herself drifting away as he spoke, her eyes and mind constantly seeking out the young waiter, who smiled at her whenever she caught his eye.  When he served the main course she had made a point of touching his hand as if by mistake, Bob was lost in a story about the office as they once more made eye contact… the electricity between them was crystal clear.

Just as the main course was being removed Bob’s phone rang, he apologized saying that he had to take the call and stood up and walked away from the table… that was just the opportunity she’d been waiting for.

When the waiter came back she asked him where the powder rooms were, hoping beyond hope that he could read her mind and know what she was really asking.  When he offered to show her the way her heart skipped a beat.  She rose from the table, her legs a little shaky as she followed the tall young man down a flight of stone steps and around a corner.

No sooner were they out of sight of the other diners than he turned and beckoned her through a doorway into what seemed to be a store room. The door swung shut behind them and suddenly his warm hands were all over her body sending electric sparks up and down her spine.  She reached out and pulled him close kissing him hard and deep, tasting coffee from off his lips.  They kissed passionately and hungrily, and they knew they would be missed before long.  She reached out and unzipped his fly reaching inside to grip his already straining cock, pulling it free from his boxer shorts… he gasped at her touch as she pulled him towards her. 

He reached around and lifted her off her feet and pressed her back against the cold stone wall, lifting her dress he reached out, and roughly pulled her panties to one side.  Kissing her deeply once more he slid his full length deep inside her making her gasp aloud with pleasure… Long hard deep thrusts his hips pinning her back against the rough wall time and time again, her loud moans swallowed my his eager mouth.  Again and again, faster and faster he pounded into her.  Her head thrown back now, lost in the amazing erotic pleasure… suddenly she felt his whole body tense and spasm as he reached a long and shuddering climax.

Slowly they parted, her legs turning to jelly as she tried to stand.  He leaned against the wall panting through all the exertion, the smile broad on his face.  Without a word he zipped up his trousers, took a deep breath and smiled back at her. Telling her where the toilets were, he then left the room. 

She paused for a moment more, and then went to the washroom to freshen up.  Within minutes she was back at the table, looking a little flustered, but definitely non-the worse for her little adventure. 

Bob then returned to the table, and started talking about work once more but she no longer cared, she’d set out to have a night to remember, a night of heat and passion, and she had most definitely had that.

And as they sat awaiting desert, she thought that she’d certainly have to recommend this restaurant to all of her friends.

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