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Well other than the plastering, work on the flat has pretty much ground to a halt at present, but that doesn't mean to say that the old tools have been left to go rusty. I had another opportunity to go out and break into a sweat this week. Yes it was another bathroom.

Like any other day one this involved getting a general feel for the place and a huge ripping out process. First to go was the carpet, the water was isolated, the pottery removed and the tiles stripped from the walls.

More blooming plastering. Fortunately though, this was a second bathroom so it gave the opportunity for a straight run at things without the need for ensuring the maintenance of services. First off though I had to level off the walls with a base coat of bonding plaster. On top of that, because this bathroom was to be only half tiled, the upper half of the walls required a skim coat to a polished finish.

Todays first task would be to go under the floor and re-route the piping to supply the new layout. After that I could start to get the new suite into position.

Then with the walls near enough dry from the earlier plastering, it was also time to begin tiling. Like I said earlier this was only to be half way up the walls and not even all walls were to be tiled. Only those surrounding the suite.

Apologies for the lighting by the way, but that's probably why I'm not a photographer.

With the tiling all completed, all that was left was the grouting. And then I could commence fitting the suite.

Holes were drilled through the wall for all the wastes and the pre-positioned piping was connected to the appliances.

And then there was the shower to build up too, along with the heated towel rail.

Note: The cable seen here was to earth bond the towel rail, an important and necessary step in a bathroom.

Time for the shower screen, loo seat and accessories, colour coordinated waste pipes and bath panel and we were nearly there.

With the inside work all completed now and ready for decorators and carpet fitters to come in and work their magic, all I had to do was the final waste connections to the outside of the property and that was another PadPimpers project successfully completed.

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