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Rawtenstall - The land of hills and valleys.

Well because the sun shone over my hometown today, I thought it might be a nice idea to step out of the internets and go take a look around where I live. And bearing in mind I'm not the most energetic of souls, this was all taken on a fifteen minute walk. 

So for the edification and delight of my punters and because with the good old Blighty weather being what it is, this might be the last ever chance of seeing such splendour, here it is....


We haz a Railway Station
That still runs on STEAM!!
Part owned by Pete Waterman of Kylie and Rick Astley fame.
A daily commuter service into nearby Bury.
Not one of the biggest locos they have on offer, there's about four more of them.
Opposite the train station we have the Rythm Station. As often featured on Jazz FM. radio.
With rain on a regular basis, we have plenty of water ways to take it away.
More water.
And more.
Andy's personal little oasis of serenity.
And even more water.
Anyone for cricket?
Sunday afternoon cricket at the local ground.
The new high tech Health Centre.
A must have this day and age... The Job Centre.
One of the very many fine eateries. Too many to mention.
One of the local hostelries (A Pub). Again too many to mention by far.
If that's the back, imagine the front. Sadly you will have to as it is all scaffolded out.
An old gatehouse. Now somebody's residence.
One of the oldest buildings in town. Open to the public.
Plenty of greenery to take in.
Tesco Supermarket entrance
Read those prices and weep guys!!
The all new, all singing and dancing Asda Supermarket.
And Britain's last temperance bar. Sarsperella anyone?
The local DIY shed.
A rather pretty local council building.
Government sponsored graffiti. The Council did it.
And here's the local library.
St Mary's Chambers. Civic function hall with courts at the rear.
And again. (Nice Merc)
And again in a nice frame.
Ilex Mill. Fully redeveloped and housing 300 posers.
St Mary's Church
The Church gardens
The Church grounds (Graveyard).
And lest not we forget.

St Mary's again.
Oooo err missus.
One of the many very steep roads around here.
Who am I kidding? All the roads are steep round here.
And based in the town centre, on a roundabout no less, the fire station.
And finally, because it's raining again.... Directions home.
General rule of thumb for the UK... Stone built buildings = crap weather.
But we cannot have everything now, can we?

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  1. stephie said...
    This was really a great pictorial tour of your town! So gorgeous, although a little too much water! lol! I love the library and the pubs ! You are lucky that you have so much that is open 24 hrs! I really have to visit when I am done school! I am such an Anglophile!
    Mr Cruella Deville said...
    I really enjoyed the local pictorial. thanks Andy. I was the very end when I finally noticed the cars were parked on the street the WRONG way. lol.

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