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Sophie was making her way home on a dark and wet December evening. Earlier that day, she had been worrying as to whether or not her car would be up for the whole journey home. It had been acting up lately, including being troublesome starting early that morning for her trip to work. That had led her to be thirty minutes late for work.

Things were piling up at work and Sophie had so much to get through in the office, she’d stayed behind for those extra thirty minutes after home time so her work load wouldn’t fall any further behind.

Later, on her return from work, the road ahead was a long and lonely dark one, with lamp posts few and far between. Rain began to fall lightly, but the car was nevertheless travelling quite well. Sophie turned on her radio, flicking through the stations until she finally found a song she liked, and then began to hum and sing away to herself.

Traffic too was light that evening, with very few cars occupying the same stretch of road. But the full on lights of an oncoming vehicle almost blinded her. She blew the horn and shouted obscenities as the vehicle passed her by. She laughed at her attempt at road rage.

But the passing car slowed right down and did a u-turn, beginning to follow Sophie. She now suddenly regretted beeping the car as it had passed her. Approaching quickly now, the car behind, horn blaring out and flashing its lights, was speeding nearer and nearer. Once again those lights shone bright into Sophie’s eyes, her rear view mirrors now a complete whiteout, they were almost blinding her. She began to panic and increased her speed, once again having to worry about the ability of her car to bring her to safety.

She reached into her handbag which was sitting on the passenger seat, and she attempted to get to her phone. The distraction along with the speeds she was travelling, and the car behind her still beeping and flashing its lights almost lead to her losing control, while at the same time causing her to drop the mobile out of reach between the front seats.

Having that happen was the last thing that Sophie needed right now.

Further panic ensued when the offending vehicle pulled up along-side Sophie. The male driver signalled across with a pointing motion and Sophie assumed he wanted her to pull over. But there was no way in the world she was going to do that.

The pursuing car continued to honk and that just made Sophie want to go faster. She picked up speed increasing the distance between them until the accompanying car began to fall right behind.

How much longer could her car continue like this? And how she now wished she had left work on time. She could have already been home with her fiancée, but right now, she didn’t know if she would ever get back at all.

And then, a deer in the road made Sophie suddenly break, leading to someone coming from behind her. No, not as in the other car, but as in the form of a dark stranger, slung from the back seat of her very own car; only to be thrown through the front windscreen. The deer escaped unharmed but this new, unknown man lay stretched out on the road ahead of the car. The pursuing car narrowly missed hitting the both of them while still accelerating to catch up.

As fast as he could, the driver got out of his car and went to check on Sophie, he explained the reason he was following her. He had seen a suspicious presence in the rear of her car and followed to try warning her. He held the trembling Sophie in his arms, she was in shock but physically unharmed.

The police arrived within around twenty minutes, and the motionless ex-passenger on the ground was quickly treated and moved. He was still alive. It was confirmed he was an escaped convict, serving life imprisonment for murder.

It had been a very lucky escape for Sophie.

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