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"I am home." She told Simon on the phone as she entered the building. And he believed her. She just smiled to herself, knowing that she was entering someone else's apartment.

Jennifer told him she needed a bath and ended the call as she knocked on the door. Russell opened the door and smiled at her asking her to come in. She told him she needed a quick bath and proceeded to the bathroom to take one. After the hot steamy shower, she redialled a set of numbers, "Simon, I just got out of the shower. I'm gonna need a nap now. I love you. Goodnight." And again, he believed her and told her he loved her too.

There was a hint of guilt within, that little voice that kept saying she was not supposed to be doing this. But as she looked at the mirror and Russell behind her wrapping his arms around her, she flashed back on the night that she had found out Simon had cheated on her with a friend, and that little voice just shut its mouth and let her continue with what she’d started.

She looked at Russell from the mirror and he knew what he was to do next. He unwrapped her towel and let it fall to the floor as he took on the naked image of her. Her supple and plump breasts with nipples so erect, he said he wanted to start nibbling on them. His gaze fell down to her waist and then lower to that spot he had been more than willing to wait for.

Jennifer turned towards him and she saw that his eyes were still on the mirror checking out her behind and she smiled to herself knowing that she still had what it takes to do any angle. 

He cupped one breast and she licked his lips. And he carried her to the bed. His throbbing cock was turning her on and she felt herself getting wetter by the second. She was too excited for him to get inside her but she stopped herself, thinking that if she was going to do this, then she should do it perfectly.

As he laid her onto the bed she looked into his eyes and wrapped her hands around his dick. He moaned as he started licking her neck. As his lips went lower, he groped on both of her breasts and with this tongue, teeth and lips he ravaged them like there was no tomorrow. It hurt a little, but it was an ecstasy-filled pain and she savoured that moment. She gave out moans and short screams of delight and her hips started moving toward his swollen organ. His cock's tip touched the opening of her womanhood and he gave out a sound when he felt the oozing wetness. 

Without warning he plunged his whole shaft into her hungry pussy and her nails dug into his back. It was delicious. She urged him to go deeper, to go faster and she was in pure ecstasy. Gone were all the thoughts of vengeance, vanished had the thoughts of anger. Jennifer was somehow freed from everything she’d gone there for. 

And as she climbed that mountain of sweet love making, she let out a sound of pleasure as she plunged down into the depths of delicious orgasmic Eden. And as he reached his own brand of climax, he let out his seed onto her face and it trickled down her neck and over her breasts. Jennifer fingered it up and licked the creamy goodness off of her tits. She loved the taste of him.

Then he tried to kiss her lips but she quickly turned away. The sex was great, but kisses are made because of love she thought. And so she stood up from the bed and carried her naked body back to the bathroom where she began to put on her clothes again. When she stepped out of the room he was already asleep and she quietly left, thinking to herself that it was all done; just to make an even playing field.

And as she entered her own flat, Jennifer took out her phone and found a single message from Simon:

"Babe, I know I told you this morning that I slept with another girl and I know it must’ve really hurt you. I just want you to know that I lied, it was just my dumb ass idea of April Fools! I need you to know that I love you far too much to be with any other." Sent: 11:59 PM 01-April-2011.

That text was three days old now, how could she have possibly missed it?

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