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Dorothy was lying there quite motionless in her bed, aimlessly looking through the window, out toward the barren winter landscape beyond. Unable to move herself through her own senility, her mind would often wander off to a happier time when he was there with her. Her heart was a flutter as she thought of all the treasured times they had spent together. The times they had shared and the true happiness she had once known in being with him.

Of course it was all gone now, and she was just lying there, trapped in a body defunct of normal function, and once again, she was left there alone with only her thoughts for company.

She often thought of the past, of happier times, and most of all of him. She wonders how he is, does he even know that she still exists, and yet she knows inside her heart, that he does. After all, a bond as great as theirs, could never be easily broken she thought. For it was a bond that even death itself could not sever.

The hostile winter sky grows a heavy black now as the bitterly cold night drew in and she sadly remembers the day he finally left her. That day it seemed like her whole world had ended; and she cries at the anguish of the pain she must have felt. Even to this day, she still loves him, and even though she can never see him, never hold him, and never touch, smell or hear him ever again, she never gives up the hope that they will take up from where they left off.

She remembers how desperately he had cried as he had left her for the trenches of war, saying that he would always remember the times they had shared and that until the day he died; he would forever hold her close in his heart and return to be by her side.

That time however was never to come. His parting this world coming much sooner than expected and his life soon faded away leaving her completely empty. Unknown to the rest of his family, she was not even invited to attend his funeral. She did not get to pay her last respects with them, to say her final farewells, but she knew in her heart that soon they would be together again and then this time, they could never again be separated.

The December rain begins to fall now as she quietly lies alone in her cold hard bed. She knows too well what is coming next, but she is prepared for it. It seems she is almost willing to die, for she knows that once she leaves this wretched world, she will soon return to being the person she once was. And with him back by her side she will triumph forever in the knowledge that hatred can never win the battle, and that those people that have done them wrong will lose something precious themselves someday too.

The wind driven rain now beats hard upon the window and the darkness closes in all around her. She is ready. Her tired eyes close and the exhaustion takes control. She is drifting away, further and further into the world of death and yet she is never frightened. Her frail old face manages a final smile for the world she has left as her final breath steams up the window one last time.

She was nearing him now, holding her hands out to touch him once more and the happiness she feels is overwhelming. And even in death, she is alive.

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