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I must be getting too old for this game I thought to myself. Here I was, having followed this beautifully young woman for weeks without ever realising that she had known from the very first day that I had been stalking her, don't ask me how ... she just had!

It all came to a head the other day when as usual, I was still following her.

She suddenly stopped dead in the street, turned around and looked me square in the eye. She crooked her finger and beckoned me across the busy road. At first I feigned innocence, but then her persistent beckoning forced me to cross the road and confront her. She was a cool one right enough, she never even batted an eye.

I was really going to enjoy killing this one sure enough, or so I thought, but she shocked me to the core when she said that she knew exactly what my intentions were, but it might be more beneficial if we were to first work together rather than my killing her.

She showed no outward signs of fear in her approach, and that is what impressed me most about her. She even suggested we had a coffee and discuss her proposition. I tentatively agreed and together we entered a spacious restaurant where we were able to secure secluded seats at a corner table. She sat opposite me and remained totally silent until after I had ordered coffee and cake, and the waiter had hurried to fulfil our order.

Only after he left did she open her mouth to speak.

"So, what shall I call you old friend?" she calmly questioned.

Now I don't like haughty women at the best of times, and this one was haughty plus! I couldn't wait to be alone with her. I wanted to see her in the agony she warranted; her goading me speeding her death.

But again she seemed to be able to read my mind for she laughingly said, "You can get those ideas out of your mind. You and I are going to become very rich, you with your penchant for killing and mine for money. I know you love to kill beautiful, haughty women, and I have many friends who fit those specifications. They are all rich and single, with very hefty bank accounts. I would think that in the past you have never considered taking money from those women you have killed, other than what was in their hand bags perhaps.

But look at you, you are no longer a young man and I'm sure you are about ready to retire. Well how about retiring rich as well? I can make you rich, and at the same time give you the pleasure you crave. How about it, old friend, what do you say to a partnership? I supply the victims and we share the takings."

My mind was in a complete whirl. She had got it all worked out to a tee. I had to agree that there was some truth in what she had said. I could after all do with the money she offered.

I had to give this situation some thought and try to turn it to my advantage though.

"Give me until tomorrow to think about it," I replied.

"We will meet here tomorrow at 2 p.m. and in the meantime, I'll give your proposal full consideration."

"OK, until tomorrow", she stood quickly and walked briskly from the restaurant.

I sat slowly drinking at my coffee while thinking over what she had just proposed. Should I skip town now I thought to myself. After all, this could be nothing more than a trap. But on the other hand, there was mileage in what she had said, but there had to be some way I could work this to my advantage, keep her in the background, out of harm’s way, so to speak.

Out of my way for sure...

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  1. stephie said...
    this was definitely your best story yet! How I know this is because I can't wait to read more! Please write another instalment tomorrow and keep up the good work!

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