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I have long been jaded re; our Hallmark card culture where the masses are only too complicit in enriching the marketers of anything that can be sold under the guise of social celebration.

Birthdays; Valentines; Halloween; Christmas; Easter; Weddings; Pregnancy; Births; Deaths; Graduation; Bank Holidays; Operations; Overthrow of Colonial Oppressors' Day; Your First Recession, whatever. There is now a card (read; sales opportunity) for almost any occasion, even occasions that didn't exist 30 years ago.

And it's no longer cards; it's wrapping paper; teddy bears; trinkets; t-shirts; mugs, in fact anything that you can screen-print, transfer or stitch onto.

It's not so much the ubiquity that I find so offensive, it's the unthinking obedience to the market that I can't bear.

I mention this, as I have just stood FOREVER behind a stupid woman at a checkout who took an UNFEASIBLY long-time to buy five items with a series of credit cards, and then tried to open a plastic bag with one hand because in her other she held a silver balloon on which was printed:

Happy Father's Dad!

It wasn't ironic, and the spelling actually didn't matter because she’d probably never even read it. After all, neither will the recipient, who, after feigning pleasure at the offering, will let it rest against the ceiling until whenever a female of the family will eventually tire of its presence and dispose of it.

You see, no-one actually CARES about this stuff, because they feel nothing; but such is the devotion to the commercial pressures, nobody wants to be seen NOT doing it.

It's not as though anyone asks "Why have you wasted your money on this shit? Is that all you think of me? Get away with your cheap gestures, get out of my house, I disown you; GO!"

No, the spelling doesn't matter because it's the shallowness of the sentiment and easy profit that really counts.

And so our enemies are softening us up with cheap filigree, and thus weakening our defences for the day that they launch their war machines against our enfeebled race to certain victory; and thus our enslavement will be fully completed!

Be Warned.

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