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We have passed this place a few times now while batting up and down the highways of the Gold coast (Pacific Highway, Burleigh Heads apparently). It looks kind of awesome as you go speeding past it from a distance so I had to beg, plead, no collapse on the floor kicking and screaming in supermarket isles to get the good lady to take me back for some photos (Well it works for kids doesn't it?).

Oh no, it even has it's own album
I hope you think it was all worth while. 

Where Shelby Cobras go to die
It’s history I tell you. And you probably reply with it's possibly art too...

Looks better than some of the motors I have driven all the same
Or is it just rubbish?

Did you know if you click on any of the pictures on this blog, they will instantly appear full size for you? I thought you might like to know that. Enjoy!!

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