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What more can I say Guys? Stunning isn't it?

Yesterday we took a quick 24 km south easterly trip to Surfer's Paradise after work and also took in the nearby Wave Break Island where this photo was taken or the Break Wall at the Spit as the locals prefer to call it. And once again, with very little effort on our part, we were less than an hour away from home and surrounded by stunning scenery, clear blue skies and crystal clean waters.

Like almost everywhere else, the place is awesome and well worth a visit even though it was a litlle too hustle and bustley for my liking. When buried inside the heart of the city area, there is little to distinguish it from any other large city in one respect, but on the other hand, it is also a major tourist destination, home connurbation, business emporium and playground for the rich and possibly famous (so I should fit in there somewhere).

Apart from the expansive surfing beaches along the front there are high rise hotels, apartment blocks, shopping centres and the usual city like amenities along with large expanses of marina real estate including the myriads of general boats and ocean going yachts (many costing millions of dollars) to match the millionaire scenery.

I almost got wet taking this for you...
The place is also highly populated by Chinese and Malay people and you can often see many of the Australian men's Thai brides, dotted along the coast, taking part in their daily rituals of fishing the local and spectacular waters.

As the name of the place suggests, it is a haven for surfers, swimmers, boating, paddling, jet skiing, fishing, walking and photographing too. And if you are anything like me while in tourist mode, there is also plenty of opportunity to go nosying around places you wouldn't normally think about visiting. Take for example the boat yard/ marina place we were at where we could walk up to and touch boats (some of them nearer ships) that we could only ever dream of owning.

Not particularly this one... There were boats here that wouldn't even  fit in
the image frame without first having to go out to sea to shoot back at them.


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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    Now you understand why Queenslander's get up at 5am to go to work early. With beaches like this at our disposal, why wouldn't you come home early to come out and enjoy them. I would like to say that is the reason I go to work early, but for me it is all about getting a car space where I don't have to walk 5kms to get to work!!!

    I didn't really get to enjoy these sites until Andy came out here. I had never been to the Spit before. I have been a tourist in my own backyard showing Andy the beautiful sites that our Gold Coast has to offer.

    I am now making an effort to go and see all these places again while I am waiting for Andy to come back. Keeping myself in the energy of him while he is away. He really brought me to life.

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