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Somewhere pretty close to Dragonfly Mansions, lays a local bar type restaurant thingy place just around the corner. And the reason I am mentioning this now is that the other evening, a friend of Jodie’s, Sharon, had turned up and we had planned to all go out for a meal there.

The Boathouse Tavern... Coomera QLD
It wasn’t a great distance to travel, just a couple of hundred yards if that, so off we all hopped (made it more interesting that way) down the road (yes we didn’t drive), across the field, over the railings and through the traffic until we finally reached our destination… The boathouse Tavern

Once inside, the surroundings were refreshing and comfortable and we were only let down by the standard of food being served being as how the place was staffed by microwave technicians rather than fully fledged chefs. Having said that though the servings were still ample, the food edible and very little went to waste.

It was supposed to be a meal between just the three of us that night, but half way through and completely unannounced, you wouldn’t guess who had the audacity to just come along and show up...


He was in fact what is commonly known as approximately 24 inches head to tail of water dragon. And he has probably claimed the pool laiden tavern as his home; being able to feed on any scraps the 'awed at the sight of him' punters might throw him. Providing that is, that the punters weren't so hungry they might pick him up and eat him in the first place.

Now these days, it is quite rightly scorned upon when dogs turn up in restaurants, but what is the ruling on lizards? Surely anything that shits and walks at the same time, or is even capable of thinking of doing so (sorry granddad), should all be classed together in the ‘undesirables’ list, even if this particular chap brought us many smiles all round.

He didn’t really do much while there it must be said, but as far as any mid meal entertainment goes, he has some of the thousand dollar a gig performers well and truly licked as he calmly wandered through the dining masses, head held high and generally not giving a toss.

He knew the place well and felt just as much at home in the pond waters as up on dry decking. It was easy to know this place was surely his and we were the passers by that night.


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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    he was seriously cute and damn could he swim!!! so graceful and so entertaining all at the same time :)
    Andy Robinson said...
    That's enough about me, the lizard wasn't bad either
    dragonfly emerging said...
    tickets anyone?
    Stephen Dickson said...
    Who's this 'Sharon'? You must mean Shaza...
    dragonfly emerging said...
    The Boat House Tavern is essentially a tradie's bar. Friday afternoons you will find a scantily clad young “lady” being your hostess bringing your drinks to you, oh and if you like to tip her, she will gladly accept.

    They have recently opened up the Waterfire Restaurant, and it seems to be very popular. I must admit I wasn't impressed. It was basically a bistro where you order and pay up front then wait for your food to be brought to you by girls with little or no waiting experience. The serving sizes were small for the prices we were paying but the entertainment as far as the water dragon swimming in the water feature was brilliant. I really think apart from the company, that water dragon was the best part of the eating experience.

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