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Bye Bye Bundy

With breakfast firmly rammed down our necks, we were ready to go tackle another day of mystery touring ahead of us. We had said the previous night that it would be a good idea to just go where the car takes us and that was what the plan now was. (We really must get the steering fixed you know).

For more building pics, Click Here
So we headed back into Bundaberg town centre to look at some of the buildings there. We have done a lot of buildings during this last few weeks. Mainly because that’s what I do for a living and Jodie has a keen interest in them from a developer’s point of view too. So yes there are a few building pics and there will probably be a lot more to follow.

And after leaving the town centre, the next place we came across of any interest was Bauple Museum, a community based project where the local history had been collected together and put on display for all and sundry to come along and witness. What a brilliant idea. It would be great if more places would do the same. We had a great time noseying around and there was some really good stuff in there too. Only problem was, with just having had another birthday recently, it was thought I was one of the crusty old exhibits and it was really hard to get away again.
For the latest in communications, Check out the Bauple Museum Album
When I eventually did escape however, we high-tailed it down the road fast enough for nobody to catch us which meant that in little to no time at all, we had reached another hidden treasure along the way, Alford Lake Park, Cooloola, just on the outskirts of Gympie (please, no visions of pervy old men in ball masks here). Recently flooded, the place has undergone a total rejuvenation extending its boundaries even further. And it is really quite beautifully done and it really was a pleasure to wander around it to take it all in.
Check out the turtle near the lower tree stump
and check out the Lake Alford Album here
Further yet down the Bruce highway is a building that seems to defy gravity in much the same way as do the Ripleys world of strange things buildings situated on coastal regions. Except where as Ripleys might have a car hanging out of the front fa├žade, this place has a ute parked on the roof. We are of course talking about the Ettamogah Pubnear Noosa. The Pub claims to be the most photographed pub in the world - probably because it was built to appear as if it were falling down (it's based on a pub in an old Aussie cartoon series).

More pics here
The pub is an everlasting tribute to all things quintessentially Australian and its location halfway between Brissie and Noosa makes it a handy rest stop for a drink or a steak. We however chose neither, preferring instead to rush home and get naked as the housemate was away test-piloting a blisterpack of viagara and a packet of ribbed pleasure seekers this weekend but I cannot really go into that kind of detail here.

Of course there were other places of interest along the way like the double bridge that spans the mouth of the Brisbane River which looks quite spectacular from within the confines of a passenger seat in the old Rolls c’nardly. Another local masterpiece of engineering well worth a look at sometime. But for now our journey reached another end and the welcoming door of Dragonfly Mansions awaited us weary travellers.

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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    my car is a Mazda 3 SP25 not a putt putt or a Rolls c'nardly... grrrr
    godders said...
    SP = Special Putt (Putt)??
    Andy Robinson said...
    SP = Spare parts
    dragonfly emerging said...
    look you 2 window lickers, strap your helmets back on and back off my car!!!
    Andy Robinson said...
    dragonfly emerging said...
    Oh sweety... I wouldn't call it small ;)
    Andy Robinson said...
    The car right?
    dragonfly emerging said...
    yes of course... the car...
    Andy Robinson said...
    Ah the putt putt. OK got it now... SNORK
    dragonfly emerging said...
    not an effen putt putt!!!

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