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Today is the 15th of December already. And having arrived here on the 15th of November, I can proudly say I  have now been here for a whole month and survived it all. Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself eh? 

And in that time, In between the trips across country, we've had work, play, exploring locally, meals out, nights by the telly, shopping trips and more people to meet up with. We even got to explore a place called Bunnings, the Australian version of a DIY shed very much similar to B&Q or Screwfix back home.

Unfortunately for those of you actually following the blog chronologically, apart from the birthday entry for the eleventh, you are still only at the 3rd of December (yes I am that far behind) and we have just arrived back from our death defying (ok sunburny) trek over to Sydney.

Well since then, not a lot of long distance exploring has been done. Instead, Jodie has been back at work again, I have been desperately trying to bring this up to date here and together we have been attending more cadet and rural fire meetings for the volunteer emergency services of Queensland (I will at some stage more fully explain what all this is about for you but I am still trying to get some additional info together for it).

At home for the duration... back at Dragonfly Mansions
The thing is, that all the services are winding up for the Christmas period (is it really Christmas? - another post coming soon) and so there were quite a few prize givings, general meetings, mayoral Christmas carol services to police and interviewing sessions for new adult leaders in preparation for the new year. All that on top of having the next years syllabus laid out meant another five evening's and one morning's worth of 'functions' to attend during this period of shortfall.

It hasn't all been cadets though, we have been out and about locally looking at real life things (today's earlier transport blog was an example of that). We have checked out the housing (of particular interest to us both), the shops, the weather and a few other things where comparisons can be made between 'Home and Away'.

And if any of this comes over as me just being another one of those whingeing pommes, then I will apologise now as that was never the intention and whatever comparisons are to be made here will be done so in a completely unbiased way. I am genuinely interested in this place and in doing this I realise I will be expressing my opinions more than those of any others but hey, if you feel I have missed the point someplace, that's what the comments box is for.

I look forward to opening up some interesting future discussions. And in the meantime, there will be plenty more content coming your way. I mean only this very Friday, we will be risking life and limb again for you in travelling up to Bundaburg and the rum distillery there. How exceedingly 'knicker wetting' for you all, I bet you can't wait.

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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    Bundy, the home of Bundy Rum and yes we will tour the factory while up there :)


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