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Christmas was coming, the goose was getting fat....

A good old Christmas Dinner....

But our's was nowt like that.

Somebody please tell me this is just a starter

Despite the barren looking spread on the table (photo deliberately taken too early because I can't have you all spying on me now can I?) there were salads galore (Salad WTF?), plenty of meats (More like it), good company (Naturally, I was there) and so too was an old friend Kat Lloyd, good conversation (Nom, nom, nom), plenty to drink (Burrrrp!!) and plenty to do (ZZZZ). 

The day as a whole, was a hugely successful one with plenty of time and energy for the inclusion of the likes of :

Board games (not spoiled by the presence of kids), 
Wii console games (not spoiled by the presence of kids), 
movies to wind the evening down (not spoiled by the presence of kids).

The movies were... Paul and Tomorrow when the war began, if anyone is asking. We thought they were good anyway.

Besides all that however, many extra sources of finger foods were provided throughout the whole day which I appear to have over indulged in (not spoiled by the presence of kids), There was still more than enough to drink (not spoiled by the presence of kids), there were Christmas puddings and trifles (not spoiled by the presence of kids), and the conversation was exceedingly invigorating (not spoiled by the presence of kids).

And believe it or not, we still managed to get ourselves totally stuffed
 (not spoiled by eating any uninvited kids).

Maybe on reflection though, it might have been nice if there were a few kids there. After all, Christmas is all about the kids isn't it? And when you have kids, you tend to get kids toys to play with when the buggers go to bed don't you? I knew there was something missing...

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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    Madi would have enjoyed her day more with her dad than with us anyway...

    it was a nice change and the first time in 12 years i didn't have her for the day...

    she needed the break and would have be spoiled everywhere else she went yesterday :)
    dragonfly emerging said...
    oh and re the food, good on ya for making it look like i have you on a diet!!!
    Stephen Dickson said...
    You should have said there was a need for kids. I could have loaned you a pack for 'a while'....
    dragonfly emerging said...
    nah, it was a nice for a change, but i am missing miss madi atm... she is in sydney with her dad on holidays, sunburned for the 4th time this summer... sighs

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