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Shoes or chocolate? Shoes or chocolate? Shoes or chocolate?

Or how about going for the chocolate shoes option? (Oh should I wear em or  eat em, wear em, eat em and on it goes)? Well if ever there was a man who could help you ladies ever decide, it could be this guy.... Welcome Max Brenner.

We stumbled across this little shop of his, one of many around the world apparently, while we were eyeing up which boat to steal over at the marina while we were in Surfers Paradise t'other night. And having been previously taunted by the aromatic 'come and eat me' smells coming from other fine fooderies all around us, it wasn't a hard decision to go for it and enter into the world of the somewhat universally famous chocolatier to stuff our cake holes if not our whole faces.

Problem was, there wasn't much in the way of real food available there. So, making the best of a bad job, we opted for a bowl full of crepes with bananas and a plate full of waffles with more nanas and strawberries... all covered in various forms of chocolaty stuff. There was chocolate sauces, chocolate creams, chocolate ice creams and chocolate drinks all available in dark, white or milk varieties and although it all looked so very very enticing and 'heart attack waiting to smack you in the face for even considering it', it was however quite disappointing, gritty, richly gloopy and considerably over facing when we finally got to plunge our spoons into it all.
Click here to get smothered in chocolate
Maybe it was just us plebs with the untrained palettes of wannabe millionaires, but it wasn't quite right for us. It was a love it or hate it acquired taste thing, much like Marmite for us brits and vegemite for the aussies. Which was a damned shame really because the place offered so much in the way of promise. I mean take a look around the shop itself, it was the dogs danglies in every conceivable respect. 

I just don't know what it was we ever did wrong in a different life to not get to enjoy it, but like I said earlier, it simply left a lot to be desired from where we were sitting.

Apologies to you readers too, because even the photographs this time were a little disappointing (something to do with not wanting to use flash with the shaking hands of a choclate addict bereft of his fix - that sort of thing). But alas, in the true "please come and be bored shitless with my holiday photos" tradition, I have still included an album of sorts to help try and wet your appetites.

Maybe I should go back to just eating pies again. There's still plenty of mileage left in that for a hobby... Mmmm, I'm hungry again... Where did my Cadbury's go?

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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    Max Brenner's is the single most biggest disappointment I have had when it comes to food.

    The hot chocolate drink was sickly sweet and was like drinking a very thick soup but sweet, icky sweet. The banana crepes were much better but still very sweet and too much for me to handle. Andy did his best to finish off what I couldn't eat but I could see he was struggling with it also. He used the ice cream to try and thin out the hot chocolate. I don't think that was very successful.

    I have been wanting to go to Max Brenner's for years but they had always been too packed out that there was never any seating available when I went past, but now, I never have to worry about that again.

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