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After taking as many pics as we pleased back in the Bundy Kegs cooperage, it was getting desperately close to the next meal time for my delicate body and so we decided we would head up towards the coast again for a pretty stretch of beach at Bargara. It's not a huge place by any standards and we entered it near enough in the middle where we accidently stumbled across a restaurant come motel, come hotel, come hostelry called Kacy's.

It was a delightfully pleasant place fully equipped with its own wine cellar and the food was good too. And with a choice of comfortable surroundings both indoors and outdoors, we chose to sit inside by a large fish tank (more photos hopefully and having seen the tank shots, maybe not) and as far as we are concerned, it comes highly recommended to any would be venturers.

Having refuelled for the afternoon, we headed straight across the road for a small but charming gift shop having gotten in the mood of dressing the hat. Unfortunately for the hat though there was nothing in the line of pins or other appropriate adornments. So the hat was in a mood and left in a huff.

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Shame that, because having left the shop we strolled over the road to another great Australian beach, Bargara where even more photos were taken. It was around about now that with the frequency of photography being undertaken, the photographs we took actually began to look something half decent (if you still exclude the fish tank back in the restaurant).

We were on a roll (photographically at the very least) now and so travelled further up the beach to a place called Mon Repos, a turtle breeding area along with its own information centre. And although we didn’t get to see any turtles (mainly because it wasn’t early or late enough) we did manage to see some stunning scenery without the need of travelling too far to get it. All we did was follow the pathways to the beach set up specifically for night parties to go down and see the hatchlings run for cover.

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I know it must seem silly to many to have travelled so far and not stayed to capitalise but there is one thing you must learn about Jodie’s mother and step father… Being as they live in a really rural area, they have spent the majority of their lives living under the sun which means rising and falling along with it. And as we had previously arranged to meet them for dinner that day, we had to rush back at around what felt like 4ish in order for the old biddies to be bedded down for seven – Bless!!

So you can guess what happened next can’t you? Yes we returned home to meet the parents, got a take away instead of going out, stayed up together until ten (wooooo) and then sat and twiddled our fingers and toes for a couple of extra hours before it was closer to our normal bedtime. We had to be up early in the morning… for kangaroo hunting (but rgular readers will know that already).

It was needless to say, six o’clock the following morning and I was already sat adjacent to Clifford, bombing down the road in an old white Toyota run-around, heading toward an open paddock where kangaroos were known to gather at such a stupid hour. And sure enough they were there waiting for me. It would have been nice to say with their autograph books at the ready, but they were kangaroos dammit. They can’t read can they? And so with the joeys in the bag so to say, it was back home for breakfast before we packed and set off back for Brissy once again.

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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    Andy is loving his food here :) complains that i am shrinking his clothes...

    anyways, it is a pity we didn't have longer to show Andy the turtle rookery at night and witness the logger head turtles laying their eggs on the beach... it is truly a beautiful thing to see...
    Andy Robinson said...
    Tiptoes across the beach at night... crunch, squish, squelch, juice
    dragonfly emerging said...
    you are terrible!!!

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