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We interrupt this blog to bring important news to the world... Today (11th December) was Andy's birthday again. Don't ask me why but it happens every year for some reason.

The day started off really well where a woman's love was well and truly pledged....

Could this mean Toy Story 4?
And then there was Bacon. A food for the gods.... There really is nothing better in the world than half a pound of pig slapped between two random toasted rounds of bread, and I was given two of these beasts to munch my way through, (must be my birthday I thought) nom nom xxxx

mmm bacon...
And then it was off for a nice peaceful day where friends got together over a drink and a meal at the Oxenford Tavern in celebration. The event was only marred by us being hurried by severe weather warnings (yes Australia has weather) and because of said weather warnings, we made our way back home via the Cheesecake Shop for a good old cake to round off the day with...

mmm cake...

What more could an almost 50 year old 'Old Fart' really want or need for?

I'll tell you what.... 

I wanted sex and drugs and rock and roll, fast cars and loose women. Money to burn, houses to trash, yachts, bimbos, world domination etc. 

But all in all it was still a good day. After all, last year all I got was socks. I'm obviously going up in the world. Good old Australia, YAY.

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  1. dragonfly emerging said...
    hmmm, my car is fast
    Andy Robinson said...
    Is it a Holden ute?
    dragonfly emerging said...
    sweety, when you live here, you will discover that the holden ute is a piece of shit... it is only the tourists that like them
    godders said...
    lol...am i still classed as a tourist??
    Andy Robinson said...
    You tell her Godders... LOL
    dragonfly emerging said...
    Yes godders u r still a bloody tourist
    godders said...
    dragonfly emerging said...
    What does someone get their boyfriend for his birthday, keeping in mind he has to travel back to the UK with what ever he gets? I struggled for weeks to think of what to get him. So thankfully, my favourite online store, thinkgeek.com, had some tshirts that reflected his personality.


    These seemed like the ones that would suit him best. His love of The Big Bang Theory, his love of bacon and well the last one is sorta personal, but you get the idea ;)

    So with the gifts arriving after his birthday, I had to set about making his day great.

    1.Let him sleep in
    2.Breaky, Bacon Sandwiches of course, served with coffee and a lot of love :)
    3.Lunch with friends at a local pub
    4.Cake!!! picked out by Andy from the Cheesecake Shop, Tiramasu Gauteau, my favourite

    Lunch was cut short by the incoming storm warning sent to my phone. You just dont mess with storms in Queensland and the pub itself was slowly emptying of patrons as they heard similar warnings.

    Cake was eaten at home over the next 3 days by Andy, the house mate and I had a slice too :). He even picked out the perfect candles for the cake, which now adorn “the hat”.

    We watched what was supposed to be a terrifying storm from my bedroom with the blinds wide open, looking out the huge double sliding glass door, where I promptly fell asleep for the next 5 hours!!!

    Horrid girlfriend I hear you say...

    Well as luck would have it, Andy crashed out too and was only awake about 5 mins before me, enough time to go and make me coffee and bring it in and make me feel guilty as all hell for wasting his birthday sleeping.

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